Resources for Public Engagement
Public art practice is increasingly expected to connect the community, activate space, transform experiences, and inform the final artwork—manifesting and characterized loosely as “public engagement.” The following resources are for artists and administrators who wish to fill their public engagement toolkit. These materials reflect various perspectives on public engagement tactics and methodologies, ranging from arts education to social practice and community planning. It is not a finite bibliography, rather a touchstone for developing your own public engagement strategies.

Institute for Local Government 
Originally compiled for a roundtable session at the Americans for the Arts Public Art Network Preconference, June 2003. Session facilitators: Margaret Bruning, Director of Civic Art, Los Angeles County Arts Commission; Leslie Fordham, Administrator, Broward County, Florida Public Art & Design; Aliza Schiff, Public Art Project Manager, Arlington County, Virginia.

Art At Work, a national initiative to improve municipal government through strategic arts projects with municipal employees, elected officials and local artists.

Creative Artist Advancement Program Guidelines

California Visual and Performing Arts Standards Excerpt

Civic Engagement Planning and Design

Civic Engagement Arts Based Community Development

Community Arts Work Across LBurnham Trend

Harvard Business Review On Design Thinking

Ideas to Encourage Broader Public Engagement

The Elements of Meaningful Participation