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Animal Care

General Information

Fort Lauderdale Adoption Center
1870 S.W. 39 St.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315

The Animal Care and Adoption Section performs a public health function by providing rabies vaccinations to County pets and ensuring that all dogs and cats throughout the County are vaccinated. In addition, the Division coordinates the licensing of dogs and cats. Licenses can be purchased at local Veterinary clinics, Pet Supermarket stores or at the County’s two shelter locations.

Animal Care Specialists enforce the County animal ordinances, pick up stray animals and rescue animals in distress. They also conduct door-to-door checks to ensure current and proper licensing and rabies vaccinations of cats and dogs. Other services include the SPOT (Stop Pet Overpopulation Together) Program. Under SPOT, low- and moderate-income families can get their dogs and cats spayed or neutered ("fixed") for $10. The Division also offers low-cost Rabies Clinics to low-income pet owners in Broward County.

Residents may visit the animal shelters to adopt or surrender a dog or cat, or redeem a lost animal. The fee for adoption of a pet is $74.95, which includes sterilization, vaccinations, microchipping and a Broward County pet license. Anyone who finds a lost pet with tags can locate the pet's owner through the Pet License Information Database on