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Bus Pass Outlets
Bus Pass Purchase
Photo ID Cards
Transit Fare Types
Broward County > Broward County Transit > Fares and Passes
Regular One-Way Fare (Base Cash) $1.75
Reduced Fares  
 - Senior* / Youth* / Disabled** / Medicare*** $0.85
7-Day Bus Pass $16.00
10-Ride Bus Pass $16.00
All Day Regular Bus Pass $4.00
All Day Regular Bus Passes Reduced
 - Senior* / Youth* / Disabled** / Medicare***
31-Day Adult Pass $58.00
31-Day Reduced Passes
 - Senior* / Youth* / Disabled** / Medicare***
 - College Student Pass† $40.00
Express Regular One Way Fare $2.35
Express Senior/Youth/Disabled/Medicare One Way Fare $1.15
Express Premium 10-Ride Pass $23.50
Express Premium 31-Day Pass $85.00

County Libraries do not accept credit and or debit cards for bus pass purchases.

Note: Some bus pass vendors may add a convenience fee on the cost of the bus pass.

Reduced Fares
31-Day: Youth*, Senior*, Disabled**, Medicare*** & College Student†. Unlimited rides for 31 consecutive days. Starts on the first day card is used. Expires after the 31st day.

* For Youth fare (18 years or younger) and Senior fare (65 years or older), proof of age is required.
** For Disabled fare, proof of disability is required:
  · Medicare card
  · Letter from doctor stating 50 percent or more permanent disability
  · Social Security Income (SSI) printout or check
  · BCT photo identification card
*** Medicare card and photo identification card.
**** Must present a current student I.D. at time of purchase
† The College Student Passes are only available for sale at the Broward County Main Library (MN), North Regional/BC Library (NR), South Regional/BC Library (SR), Miramar Library (MI) and the Sherman Library located at Nova Southeastern University.

 Bus Pass

A BCT Bus Pass is a credit-card size fare card with magnetic swipe. The Bus Pass offers flexible pricing and is fully automated for use on all BCT buses. It is also simple to use; just insert the card's magnetic swipe facing the direction indicated on the fare box, slide it through from right to left and the fare box will beep when the Bus Pass is accepted.

How to use your Bus Pass
fare box diagram A: Insert Bus Pass card's magnetic swipe facing in the direction indicated on the fare box's card reader to activate.
B: Slide it through, magnetic swipe down, from right to left. Fare box will BEEP when the Bus Pass is accepted. Fare box will CHIRP when a Bus Pass is invalid, misread or expired. Try again. If the fare box CHIRPS again, the passenger must pay the fare with exact currency.

Types of Bus Passes
All Day: Available only aboard all BCT buses. Unlimited rides all day on all routes. Discounted fares for Youth*, Senior*, Disabled** & Medicare***.
10-Ride: 10 rides any day, any time. Expires after the 10th ride is taken.
7-Day: Unlimited rides for 7 consecutive days. Starts the first day card is used. Expires after the seventh day.
31-DAY-Adult: Unlimited rides for 31 consecutive days. Starts on the first day card is used. Expires after the 31st day.

Bus passes are not redeemable, refundable or transferable. Damaged cards are invalid. Lost, stolen or damaged cards will NOT be replaced by BCT.

Bus Pass Sales Sites
Click here for a list of current authorized distributors of BCT Bus Passes. Telephone numbers and connecting bus routes are included.

For more information about bus passes, fares, or route planning assistance, please call customer service at 954.357.8400 or TTY 954.357.8302.

Transfer Policy - Effective  7/10/11

A BCT 31-Day Premium Express Bus Pass is acceptable on all BCT regular bus service.  Passengers transferring from regular route bus service to express bus service with an All Day, 7-Day or 31-Day bus pass, must pay a premium upgrade fee of $1.00.  Passengers with a regular 10-Ride bus pass or paying by cash on regular service will not be able to transfer between bus services and must pay the full premium fare when boarding the 95 Express bus.

When boarding a BCT bus, passenger pays the appropriate BCT fare and may request a transfer from the bus operator if transferring to Miami-Dade Transit (MDT), Palm Tran or Tri-Rail.

When transferring from MDT, Palm Tran and Tri-Rail to BCT regular fixed-route bus service, passenger pays $.50 with a transfer issued by MDT or Palm Tran and proof of fare payment such as Easy Card and receipt issued by Tri-Rail. Tri-Rail passengers boarding BCT at any locations other than at a Tri-Rail station will be required to pay the full fare.

Transfers to MDT or Tri-Rail from Premium Express Service, a transfer is issued and passenger must pay appropriate MDT or Tri-Rail fare.

Transfer from MDT or Tri-Rail to Premium Express Service, a $ .50 transfer fee is required with the appropriate transfer from MDT or Tri-Rail. 

The Premium Express Service does not connect with Palm Tran. 

The Easy Card issued by MDT and Tri-Rail is not accepted as payment on any BCT bus.

Upgrade Transfer Policy

From BCT local to BCT Express: BCT bus pass plus $1 upgrade, pertains to holders of all BCT passes: All-Day, 7-Day, 10-Ride, Adult 31-Day Regular, Adult 31-Day Senior, Disabled, Youth and College Student Pass. 

Ride-and-Save- Broward County Transit's Pre-Tax Commuter Benefit Program

Broward County Transit (BCT) offers employers Ride-and-Save, a pre-tax commuter benefit program that provides employees and employers an exciting way to save money. Employees can save money on their commuting costs by purchasing BCT bus passes with pre-tax dollars, while employers can save money on their payroll taxes. It is a transit win-win opportunity for everyone. BCT’s new Ride-and-Save program educates employees and employers about their commuter options and how to take advantage of this Federal program.

Ride-and-Save provides the following commuter benefit options to assist with transit expenses:

Employer-Paid Benefit: Employers can pay for their employees to commute on BCT by purchasing a 31-Day bus pass. Employers get a tax deduction for the expense.

Employee-Paid Benefit: Employers can allow their employees to purchase a BCT 31-Day bus pass using pre-tax income when they provide a pre-tax deduction program for their transit costs.

Fare Share Benefit: Employers can provide a portion of the cost of a BCT 31-Day Adult bus pass. The employee also pays a portion using pre-tax income when the employer offers a pre-tax deduction program.

Employers who are participating in Ride-and-Save have found the program to be beneficial, not only to attract new employees, but also to retain them, develop a stronger workforce, and assist those employees with transportation challenges.

The program also provides an opportunity for companies to enhance their ‘Green’ initiatives, because employees riding BCT are helping reduce air pollution which helps the environment.
Broward County Transit provides official acknowledgement to participating businesses who show environmental support through transit, with a framed certificate for “Going Green with BCT” program.

The Transportation Equity Act (TEA-21), established in 1998, amended the federal tax code to create financial incentives relating to commuter benefits for employers and employees. This program helps business commuters who use an alternative mode of transportation to and from work to save money. Employees are eligible to be subsidized for their transit costs, or they can set aside up to $230 a month of their pre-tax income towards various commuting costs.  More information about this program can be found under Section 132(f), Qualified Transportation Fringe Benefits.

For more information about bus passes, fares, or route planning assistance, please call customer service at 954.357.8400 or TTY 954.357.8302.