MyRide User Guide

What is MyRide Real Time?

MyRide IconMyRide Broward is a planning system that lets you know when the next three buses will arrive at your location (your bus stop). Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) technology is used to locate buses to provide estimated times of arrival. This information is available on Broward County Transit’s Real Time website at

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Troubleshooting Tips

  1. Information on display is incomplete: Refresh your browser, start private browsing session or try another browser. View supported browsers for BCT MyRide​.
  2. Arrival times are incorrect: We are in a testing phase and are taking note of all incidents where this happens to optimize our service and present the most accurate information. Thank you for providing us with the feedback via phone (954-357-8400) or email (​) - we will share accordingly.
  3. Why is MyRide not officially launched? We want to take note of any functional issues with the tool so we can improve them before rolling out to the entire county, but we do want our customers to start using it and sharing with us their experience so we can test it live.
  4. I can’t find my Route: If you can’t find it by typing BCT and the route number (i.e. for route 22 type BCT22), click on the orange drop and see a list of all routes.
  5. Find Bus Stops Near Location is not showing my location: If using a computer the system may pick up the location from a server address. Try from a mobile device or search by bus stop.

Help Us Improve MyRide

Customer Service Assistance or Feedback: 954.357.8400

Comments/Questions email: