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 Attention Express Bus Customers

Broward County Transit apologizes for recent delays, especially last week as traffic was particularly bad on I-95 due to accidents and construction. Please note, traffic issues change on a moment by moment basis.
If I-95 is closed, and the bus scheduled to arrive is en route, it will not arrive until traffic is cleared. With major traffic incidents all vehicles, including buses, will be delayed. On a side note, if the express lanes are closed, BCT (and all vehicles) must use regular lanes by law.

While BCT cannot control the traffic, we can provide you with resources to monitor current situations if you are waiting for the bus. Here are four options for real time traffic updates.
There are also many apps available to monitor traffic conditions that may assist you while waiting for your bus.

COMING SOON: MyRide Broward, a real time app now being tested by BCT, will soon let you find out exactly when the next three buses are coming to your exact location. There will be website and mobile tools to better assist you in planning your commute. Stay tuned for updates.

In the meantime, BCT will do its best to get buses to you on time – getting you to your destination as quickly as possible. Please monitor the traffic situations as it will help you plan your commute.

If BCT is aware of any major delays, we will post them on Facebook or send out a Transit Flash; often the traffic websites know that information first.

Also, BCT customer service agents are available to assist at 954.357.8400 seven days a week. 
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