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Providing Sunsational Service is a top priority for BCT and ‘on-time’ performance is among the keys to that success!

Keep Your Bus On-Time provides helpful and important reminders for our passengers to assist us when using the bus system.

Plan Your Trip Ahead

Plan Your Trip Ahead.
Keep Your Bus On-Time

Arrive Early

Arrive Early at Bus Stop.
Keep Your Bus On-Time

Stand Behind the Yellow Line

Move to Back of the Bus.
Keep Your Bus On-Time

  • Quickly pay fare and move behind the yellow line so others can board
  • Keep all items out of the aisle
Leave Safely

Leave Safely.
Keep Your Bus On-Time

Load and Unload your Bike

Load & Unload Bike Quickly.
Keep Your Bus On-Time

  • Tell the bus operator that you are loading a bike
  • Before you exit the bus, tell the bus operator you are removing your bike

View the Safety Tips video.

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