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Changes to Route 18 and 441 “Breeze”
Broward County > Broward County Transit > Changes to Route 18 and 441 “Breeze”

Effective Sunday, January 19, 2014

Split Route 18 Into Two Separate Routes:

Route 18

  • Travels between Lauderhill Mall and Golden Glades Park-and-Ride, Miami Gardens
  • Weekday service from Golden Glades every 20 minutes from 5 am – 8:30 pm
  • Weekday service from Lauderhill Mall every 20 minutes from 5:20 am – 9:10 pm
  • All other times service operates every 30 minutes
  • Saturday service from Golden Glades every 20 minutes, from 6 am-7 am then every 15 minutes
  • New 11:30 pm departure from Golden Glades, weekdays and Saturdays
  • Click here to view schedule

Route 19

  • New route
  • Travels between Lauderhill Mall and Sandalfoot Cove in Boca Raton
  • New 11:40 pm departure from Turtle Creek Blvd.
  • Transfers not available between Routes 18 and 19
  • No service to Sandalfoot Cove on Sundays
  • Click here to view schedule

Route 441 ‘Breeze’

  • Expanded mid-day service
  • Five new stops-- Johnson Street in Hollywood; NW 19 Street in Lauderhill; NW 26 Street in Lauderhill; Northwest 41 Street in Lauderdale Lakes; and Southgate Boulevard in Margate
  • Weekday service departs from Golden Glades every 20 minutes, 5:15 am-6 pm
  • Click here to view schedule

Overall Benefits of Changes:

  • Increases travel options along SR 7/441
  • Improve on-time service
  • Address overcrowding conditions
  • Extended early morning and late night service
  • Every 20 minutes service on the entire corridor translates into 10 minutes service on the weekday routes

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What service changes will take place along SR 7/US 441?

A: Route 18 will be split at the Lauderhill Mall into two separate routes.

441 “Breeze” limited-stop weekday service would increase from every 30 to every 20 minutes, add mid-day service and add five new bus stops in each direction.

Q: Where will the five new bus stops on the 441 “Breeze” be located?

A: SR 7/US 441 at: Johnson Street (Hollywood); Northwest 19 Street (Lauderhill); Northwest 26 Street (Lauderhill); Northwest 41 Street (Lauderdale Lakes); and Southgate Boulevard (Margate).

Q: How will passengers benefit from these service changes?

A: The changes will provide more travel options, increase early-morning and late-night service, address overcrowding conditions and improve on-time performance.

Q: How will passengers identify the two separate routes when the Route 18 is split?

A: The current Route 18 would provide local bus service between Lauderhill Mall and the Golden Glades Park and Ride in Miami Gardens.

New, Route 19 would provide local bus service between Lauderhill Mall and Sandalfoot Cove Boulevard in Boca Raton.

Q: Will passengers receive a transfer between Route 18 and Route 19 at the Lauderhill Mall to continue travel north and south along SR 7/US 441?

A: No, transfers will not be issued. Passengers will be required to pay the appropriate bus fare or use their bus pass for each one-way ride to continue travel on each of the two separate routes.

Q: How will passengers who currently travel on only one bus between Golden Glades Park and Ride and Sample Road save time and money without having to change buses at the Lauderhill Mall?

A: Passengers can take the 441 “Breeze” limited-stop weekday service. The “Breeze” travels along SR 7/US 441 between Golden Glades Park and Ride and Turtle Creek Boulevard, making limited stops along the route.

Passengers can also purchase a cost-saving bus pass: All-Day, 7-Day, 10-Ride or 31-Day Bus Passes can save out-of-pocket travel costs.

Q: Will the Route 18 Sandalfoot/Turtle Creek Shuttle continue service on Mondays through Saturdays?

A: No, Route 18 Shuttle will be eliminated. That portion of the route will be serviced by the new Route 19 that will travel between Lauderhill Mall and Sandalfoot Cove Boulevard in Boca Raton, stopping at the current Shuttle bus stops.

Q: Where can I find more information about when the service changes will go into effect?

A: The changes will become effective on Sunday, January 19, 2014. Information will be available on the buses; go to the BCT website at or call the customer service center at 954-357-8400; TTY 954-357-8302.

At the BCT website home page, sign-up to receive the Transit Flash e-newsletter for service and program updates sent to your email address.


Route 18 Map Route 19 Map