South US 1 Transit Improvements Study

Project Overview

Broward County Transit (BCT) has initiated the South US 1 Transit Improvements Study to identify and evaluate potential transit improvements for the southern segment of US 1 (South Federal Highway/Biscayne Boulevard) between the Broward County Central Terminal in Downtown Fort Lauderdale and the Aventura Mall in Miami-Dade County. The US 1 corridor serves as a major north-south roadway that is used for longer distance commute trips, short local convenience trips, and provide connections for east-west travel movements. Moderate to high density areas along the corridor generate high transportation demand and periods of significant traffic congestion impacting existing transit service.
The South US 1 Transit Improvement Study will provide decision makers with a package of short term and medium term implementable solutions and identify long term investments to improve transit service, mobility, livability, and support economic development along the corridor. The solutions will vary in type and scope from bus stop improvements, traffic signalization and complete streets to support transit oriented development and improve bicycle and pedestrian facilities.
These improvements are intended to be implemented using various funding sources, including the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and other competitive federal grant programs. The study is being conducted in a collaborative fashion by BCT with its partner agencies, municipalities, and stakeholders with interest in the study corridor. The project study goals are, as follows:
  • To improve transit travel time and service reliability in the corridor;
  • To meet existing and projected transit service and capital needs;
  • To enhance the transit passenger experience on the corridor;
  • To encourage sustainability, livability and transit-oriented development concepts and efforts along the corridor.
The BCT service area encompasses more than 400 square miles and more than 1.7 million people. The network of fixed route, community bus, and paratransit transit service provides more than 40 million trips annually. The South US 1 corridor is one of BCT’s top 5 transit corridors. Route 1 provides daily local bus service with a 15 minute frequency, and the US 1 Breeze, a limited stop weekday service, currently provides 20 minute service for most of the day. The two routes serve an average daily ridership of more than 8,300 weekday trips for these two routes combined.
The study corridor spans approximately 12.5 miles in length and connects unincorporated sections of Broward and Miami-Dade counties, and five municipalities (Cities of Fort Lauderdale, Dania Beach, Hollywood, Hallandale Beach and Aventura). US 1 transitions from a six-lane divided arterial roadway in the north and south ends of the study corridor to a four-lane roadway between Hallandale Boulevard and Griffin Road. Regional activity centers for government services, education and entertainment span the corridor, including the Broward County Courthouse, Broward General Medical Center, Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport, Young Circle, Gulfstream Park and the Aventura Mall. High bus ridership demand comes from high population and employment concentrations along the corridor, a large number of transit dependent commuters, seasonal tourists, and residents traveling to entertainment, shopping and educational centers.


Public Involvement Plan

A Public Involvement Plan (PIP) was developed to guide the public outreach participation activities that will be conducted by BCT for the South US 1 Transit Improvements Study, as required by federal and state statutes. The outreach program will provide a forum for project stakeholders to provide input into the planning process, and to receive information on the project progress and study findings. The PIP is intended to be a fluid document that will be modified and/or updated periodically based on project progress and additional stakeholder input.