One of BCT’s most valuable programs is the TOPS! program – Transportation OPtionS.  TOPS! includes the Paratransit and Bus Pass programs.

Paratransit Propane Vehicle Fact Sheet

Service Announcement 

IMPORTANT NOTICE for Daniel Cantor Center Customers: English (pdf) and Spanish (pdf).


Broward County Transit has been informed that effective Sunday, January 1, 2017, the Daniel Cantor Center will no longer be providing transportation services for their customers. 

Our intent is to make this as seamless as possible to you. All customers who travel to the Daniel Cantor Center facility will continue to receive transportation to the center on TOPS vehicles.

To minimize the disruption to you, BCT intends to maintain Cantor’s routes but be accommodated by our TOPS service providers.

Hours of Operation

TOPS! service is available during BCT's fixed-route service time, which is from early a.m. until late p.m.

Staff is available to assist Customers who would like to drop off, or have questions regarding applications or other documents in the office between the hours of 9AM to 11AM and 2PM to 4PM. Please make sure to bring your current/valid Florida Driver's License/ID.

Please note: Application approvals and/or bus pass distribution are not available in-person. All approval letters and/or bus passes are distributed by USPS mail.


TOPS! hours are 6:45AM - 10:15PM on the following holidays:
  • New Year's Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day
Standing orders are automatically cancelled on these holidays. Riders who need service must make a trip reservation with the call center, 1-866-682-2258.

ADA Eligibility Criteria and ADA Paratransit Application

READ THIS NOTICE PRIOR TO DOWNLOADING APPLICATION: Applicants seeking ADA Paratransit are strongly encouraged to contact Customer Service at 954-357-8400 to discuss the eligibility criteria and other transportation options available through the TOPS! program. Disability alone does not confirm eligibility for ADA Paratransit. An in-person functional assessment is required to complete the eligibility process.

Download ADA Eligibility Criteria and Guidelines (PDF)
Download ADA Paratransit Application Form and Guidelines (PDF)
Download Medical Form B: Vision (PDF)
Download Medical Form C: Epilepsy or Seizure Disorder (PDF)
Download Medical Form D: Cognitive or Mental Health Conditions (PDF)
Download ADA Denial - Appeal Process Form (PDF)
Download ADA Service Area Map (PDF)

Conditionally eligible ADA Paratransit riders with current/active eligibility may use the fixed-route service free of charge. For information on this program please call customer service, 954-357-8400, Monday - Friday 8AM - 7PM

Transportation Disadvantaged (TD) Eligibility Criteria and TD Application

READ THIS NOTICE PRIOR TO DOWNLOADING APPLICATION: Applicants seeking Transportation Disadvantaged (TD) Paratransit or Bus Pass transportation services are encouraged to contact Customer Service at 954-357-8400 to discuss the eligibility criteria and other transportation options available through the TOPS! program. TD eligibility (both TD-Paratransit and TD-Bus Pass) is primarily determined by income compliance with the current Federal Poverty Guidelines at the 225% level. Household income verification is required.

TD eligible recipients receive bus passes via U.S. mail only. TD bus passes cannot be picked-up at County facilities.

Download TD Income Guidelines (PDF)
Download TD Bus Pass Program Application (PDF)
Download TD Door-to-Door Program Application (PDF)

Other Documents

Download TOPS! Rider's Guide (PDF)


Reservations may be made by contacting the TOPS! Call Center at 1-866-682-2258 one (1) to three (3) days in advance between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.
Non-Conditional ADA clients may also make reservations 24 hours a day 7 days a week online at: My TOPS! Trips

My Tops! Trips 

When reserving your ride you must have:

  • Client ID Number
  • First and last name
  • Telephone number
  • Date of travel
  • Requested appointment time (you will be given a pickup time)
  • Complete pick-up address
  • Complete destination address with telephone number
  • Whether you will be accompanied by a personal care attendant (PCA) and/or companion

Travel Time

Estimated travel time of a TOPS! trip is similar to the same trip, including transfers and walking time, by a fixed-route bus.

Riding TOPS! Vehicles

All TOPS! vehicles display a TOPS! sign. There are multiple providers in the TOPS! program, make sure the vehicle is for you and not another rider.


The one-way fare per trip is $3.50. Fares must be paid to the driver upon boarding the vehicle. Passengers must have the exact fare since drivers do not make change.

Travel Training

TOPS! has developed a free program to help clients use the Fixed-Route bus service. A professional instructor provides personal and group lessons at no charge to teach riders how to use County buses. Paratransit eligible riders can learn to travel the fixed route bus service by calling 954-357-8405.

TOPS! Speakers' Bureau

TOPS! Speaker's Bureau is specifically designed to reach out to social service agencies and the general public. The purpose of the Speakers' Bureau is to provide vital information about transportation services in Broward County, particularly paratransit services.

Speakers are available to discuss Broward County's Paratransit system including service provisions, application and evaluation procedures, functional assessments, eligibility classifications, travel rules and regulations and travel training.

Speakers from the Section are available to speak at social service organizations, community groups, professional groups, schools, churches and the workplace. The service is free to all organizations. Please e-mail with the requested information below and a Paratransit professional will communicate with you promptly.

  1. Name
  2. Title
  3. Name of organization
  4. Address/City/Zip Code
  5. Phone number
  6. E-mail address
  7. URL address (optional)
  8. Brief description of organization

Click on Special Needs for details on evacuation transportation of Paratransit eligible riders.

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