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Questions and Answers


Q: What is Transit Watch?
A: Transit Watch is a nationwide public awareness program that encourages you, the rider, to assist BCT to maintain a safe transit experience.


Q: How can I assist in Transit Watch?
A: Be alert by observing the behavior of those around you and pay attention to anything unusual while riding on the bus or waiting at a bus stop.


Q: What is the first thing I should do if I see something suspicious?
A: If you see a suspicious package or witness an unlawful activity on or near the bus, at a bus stop, transit terminal or at any transit property, you should notify the bus operator, transit supervisor, or call the police (911) immediately.


Q: How do I contact BCT to report suspicious behavior?
A: Call the BCT Transit Watch hotline at 954-357-LOOK (5665). All calls are kept confidential.


Q. How does this help BCT?
A: When you tell us what you see or hear, you become the eyes and ears for the transit community. If we all look out for one another, this helps BCT continue to provide a safe ride.