Transit Watch Transcript

With fuel costs consistently on the rise, the demand for public transportation is at an all time high.

The National Transit Administration, along with its partners FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security, wanted to create a useful toolkit that enabled transit agencies to help foster the role of transit as a safe haven in communities across the country. The concern is the foundation for Transit Watch. Transit Watch is a national public awareness campaign that encourages active participation of transit passengers and employees in maintaining a secure transit environment. Transit Watch provides an effective means for transit agencies, employees and the riding public to keep America secure and on the move.

Since Transit Watch began, many transit agencies have adopted the campaign as their own and have also instituted similar public awareness campaigns. Broward County Transit is proud to be one of these agencies to be a part of this national move to ensure the safety and well being of its employees as well as the riding public.

Our buses provide connections to system wide connections at three transfer terminals; Broward Central Terminal, (downtown Fort Lauderdale); West Regional Terminal (Plantation) and Lauderhill Mall Transfer Facility (Lauderhill).

We also provide, free Wi-Fi on the 441, US 1 and University Breeze routes, and at the Main Bus Terminal in downtown Fort Lauderdale. Of the county’s more than 1,200 square miles, BCT buses provide service to 410 square miles. 

Along with providing a secure and comfortable experience with BCT, we strive to keep our buses in top condition to ensure that there is never a time that any bus in our fleet arrives late or off schedule due to mechanical issues.

BCT’s mission is to provide a clean, secure, reliable and efficient transit experience to the community by being responsive to changing needs. Focusing on customer service is our highest priority. Now, with a Transit Watch program in place, you can assist us to ensure a secure ride. By telling us what you see and hear, you become the eyes and ears of the transit community, looking out for one another.

This can be done by being alert, observing the behavior of those around you and paying attention to anything unusual while riding on the bus or waiting at a stop. If you see a suspicious package or witness an unlawful activity on or near the bus, at a bus stop, transit terminal, or at any transit property, you should notify the bus operator, transit supervisor, or call 911 to report an immediate emergency situation.

You can now also call Transit Watch at (954) 357-LOOK (5665) and our transit security manager will respond. All calls are kept confidential. Broward County Transit is committed to providing a secure ride for our community.

The numbers to remember for Transit Watch are: 954-357-LOOK (5665) or 911 to report an immediate emergency.