Weekly Update

Broward County’s Beach Renourishment Project (Segment III)

Week ending August 7, 2005

During the past week, Great Lakes Dredge and Dock placed 65,919 cubic yards onto the beach at Hollywood, lengthening the constructed beach by 1,110 feet. The beach is now constructed from the Broward/Miami-Dade County line to Oregon St. in Hollywood, a distance of approximately 2.3 miles.  To date, 41 percent of the linear distance of beach has been completed.

Work continues on the construction of Groin S-3, the southernmost structure at John U. Lloyd Beach State Park. Stone-filled mattresses have begun to arrive at the site in preparation for construction of Groin S-2, and the Spur S-1. The contractor has begun preparing access through the Navy’s installation to the location of S-2.

Hallandale Beach

Inspecting the beach at Hallandale.  All pipe and other equipment has been removed from the beach as the construction proceeds north.

Hollywood construction

Construction continues northward in Hollywood.

new beach

Sand gushes from the pipe as bulldozers wait to grade the material into a new beach. In the background, beach goers continue to enjoy the beach.

moving submerged line

The County is on scene as the dredging contractor moves submerged line to a new, more northerly, location offshore. The new submerged pipeline will emerge at Pierce St. and will be used to construct the beach from Jackson St. area to about Harding St.  A third submerged line location will then be established north of Sheridan St.

work continueswork continues

Work continues on Groin S-3 at John U. Lloyd Beach State Park.