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Broward County’s Beach Renourishment Project (Segment III)

Week ending September 4, 2005

Work on the project resumed on August 28 after a four-day hiatus due to Hurricane Katrina. During the period, approximately 88,000 cubic yards of sand were dredged and placed onto the beach in Hollywood, lengthening the constructed beach by 3,058 feet.

The beach is now restored from the Broward/Miami-Dade County line in Hallandale Beach to near Roosevelt Street in Hollywood. A little more than 55 percent of the project beach has now been restored. Progress along the beach is moving swiftly as the existing beach in central Hollywood is wider than down south and therefore needs less sand to be placed.

Work on the groins was also stopped during Hurricane Katrina. A number of the stone-filled mattresses were damaged by the high waves of Katrina, and an assessment is being made so that repairs can begin. Meanwhile, mattress and rock deployment was initiated on S-1, the spur on the south jetty of the Port, and continues on S-2, the center T-head groin.


The discharge “spreader.” The beach around the spreader has been prepared to receive the next load of sand from the dredge.

Hlwd beach 

Hollywood central beach, looking north from the spreader at the un-constructed area of beach.

Hollywood Beach 

Hollywood central beach, looking south at the newly restored beach.

stone-filled mattresses 

Stone-filled mattresses stored on the beach awaiting placement on structure S-1.


groin S-3 

Nearly-completed groin S-3 taking a wave. Only the seaward-most part of the stem awaits completion.

aerial view 

Aerial view of the partially completed groins. S-3, with only the stem to complete, is at the top, and S-2 is in the middle. Construction on S-1, the spur on the Port’s jetty, had not yet begun when this picture was taken.