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Bargaining Units thru Bus Passes
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Bargaining Units (See Union Representation)

BC 102·102

The BC 102-102 is the form used for all Human Resource transactions, such as hiring, leaves of absence, promotions and terminations. Employing agencies complete a BC 102-102 and submit it to the Office of Management and Budget, which forwards it to the Human Resources Division for approval and processing. Questions about the status of such transactions should be forwarded to your Division, which will contact the Human Resources Division or Payroll Central.

Bereavement Leave

Benefit-eligible employees may receive bereavement leave to attend the funeral of a member of their immediate family. Should the funeral occur within the state of Florida, up to three regularly scheduled workdays of paid leave are provided. Should the funeral occur out of the state of Florida, up to five regularly scheduled workdays of paid leave are provided. Employees whose position is covered by a collective bargaining unit should consult their collective bargaining agreement for the applicable bereavement leave provisions. Immediate family is generally defined as:

  • Spouse/registered domestic partner
  • Child/stepchild
  • Brother/sister
  • Stepsister/stepbrother
  • Parent/stepparent
  • Grandparent
  • Grandchild
  • Father-in-law/mother-in-law
  • Son-in-law/daughter-in-law
  • Brother-in-law/sister-in-law
  • A person determined by the Human Resources Director to be "in loco parentis" (in the place of a parent) or another relative domiciled in the employee’s household

Block Budgeting

Block Budgeting is a streamlined reclassification process by which positions/employees in designated entry level job classifications may be reclassified to designate Journey level job classifications (typically Level II or Senior) within the same job classification series without completing and submitting the Position Classification Questionnaire (PCQ). The complete block budgeting guidelines can be found on the internet at: http://bc-net/Agencies/humanresources/Pages/blockbudgeting.aspx


All employees scheduled eight hours per day are entitled to two 15-minute paid breaks. Employees scheduled 10 hours per day are entitled to two 20–minute paid breaks. One break is in the first half of the shift and one break is in the last half of the shift. Part-time 20-plus employees are eligible for paid breaks for the equivalent of each half day worked. Breaks may not be accumulated from day to day or same day to shorten the workday. Employees should refer to their applicable collective bargaining agreement for provisions relating to breaks.

Broward County Facts

Broward County is the second largest in population of Florida’s 67 counties. It now includes 31 cities, a population of more than 1.85 million and a County budget of $4.1 billion.

Broward County Government

County government is established under the authority of the State Constitution and the County Charter. The Charter and the Administrative Code established the functions of the County government and the personnel system. These documents are available in most County administrative offices, on Broward County’s website, and the governmental document section of the Broward County Library. Broward was chartered as a County in October 1915 and will celebrate its 100th year in 2015.

Broward News Network

The Broward News Network provides employees with the opportunity to access news about Broward County. Bing News, collected from a variety of sources, uses the keywords "Broward County" or "Port Everglades" to filter the news results. In addition, you can view or subscribe to Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds from and MiamiHerald. com. Also offered is a listing of other popular online media venues many of which have subscription options. To access news or subscribe to an RSS service, go to the BC-Net home page and click BROWARD NEWS NETWORK under NEWS.

Bus Passes

Passes for the County’s Transit bus system are available to employees at discounted rates. Employees may pay for monthly bus passes through payroll deductions on a pre-tax basis. Contact Broward County Transit at 954-357-5788 for additional information. See also Tri-Rail Passes.

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