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Accrued Leave thru Automobile Accidents
Bargaining Units thru Bus Passes
Career Opportunities thru Customer Service
Deferred Compensation thru Drug-Free Workplace
EasyPay thru Exclusion from Civil Service
Facilitation Skills thru Funeral Leave
Grievances thru Human Resources
Injuries thru Job Opportunities
Lactation thru Military Leave
Nepotism thru Overtime
Parking thru Right to Work
Safety thru Swap Meet
Tardiness thru Vacation
Wage Recovery thru Workplace Violence
Career Opportunities thru Customer Service
Broward County > Benefits > ABCs > Career Opportunities thru Customer Service

Career Opportunities
(See Job Opportunities)

Civil Service (See At-Will Employment)

COBRA (See Your Benefits & You)

Communications (See Employee Communications)

Compensatory Time (See Overtime)

Computer Software

Broward County employees shall only use software that is properly procured by their Agency in accordance with the license agreement. Failure to comply with this policy may lead to serious disciplinary action, including termination of employment and/or possible civil or criminal charges. Broward County Administrative Code Section 22.147 provides specific rules pertaining to proprietary software purchased and/or developed by Broward County employees; sales of such software; duplication of licensed software, and actions to be taken in case of violation of such licensed software.

Conflict of Interest (See Public Employment, Ethics and Conflict Of Interest)

Consumer Driven Health Plans (CDH) (See Your Benefits & You)

Conviction Disclosure

All employees are required to disclose, in writing, to the director of the agency in which they work, any of the following:

  • Felony conviction
  • Misdemeanor conviction
  • Criminal infraction conviction
  • Plea of nolo contendere (no contest)

This policy applies to all convictions and pleas of nolo contendere (no contest), whether or not adjudication was withheld.

The disclosure must be made in writing on the Criminal History Disclosure Notification form, within five working days of the date of the conviction or plea of nolo contendere – whether or not adjudication was withheld. The form may be found on the BC-Net under the Forms link.

The agency Director must consult immediately with the Director of Human Resources to determine if the nature and regency of the conviction or plea of nolo contendere requires follow-up employment actions.

Failure to comply with this requirement may constitute grounds for severe disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

County Cars and Vehicles

Any employee who needs to drive a County or personal vehicle in the course of County business must have a valid Florida driver’s license and be authorized to drive by the Safety and Occupational Health Section of the Risk Management Division. In addition, they may only operate vehicles for which they have been trained and for which they have the proper class of license. See also County Property. Refer also to the Safety Handbook "Your Right to Know" distributed by the Risk Management Division. See also Driver Authorization.

County Property

Property owned by the County, including vehicles, computers, email, Internet access, software, cell phone/PDA telephones, two-way radios, fax or copy machines, etc., is to be used for official County business. Employees are entrusted to use County equipment properly and safely. Any County property under the control of an employee is subject to inspection; therefore, employees should have no expectation of privacy of personal information or property maintained on or in County issued property or equipment, including desks, lockers, two-way radio communication and computer systems, email or other office equipment. Radio communications may be recorded as part of the business operations. Abuse or misuse of County property may be cause for disciplinary action. See also Sunshine Law.

Credit Union

All County employees and their family members are eligible for membership in the state chartered City County Credit Union (CCCU). The Credit Union provides members the opportunity to save for the future, take advantage of competitive loan programs and enjoy many free and low-cost services. Employees can also use direct deposit to have their paychecks sent to the Credit Union automatically or arrange for deposits to their Credit Union accounts through payroll deduction.

Accounts are easily accessible through ATM machines located in several County buildings and through Call-24, a bank- by-phone system. CCCU has eight locations in Broward County. Visit a CCCU branch to open your account or call CCCU at 954-522-2705. Contact Payroll Central at or 954-357-7190 regarding direct deposit or payroll deduction.

Criminal Background Check

Criminal background checks are conducted by the Safety and Occupational Health Section of the Risk Management Division for new hires and may be conducted for other employment related matters.

Criminal History Disclosure (See Conviction Disclosure)

Customer Service Professional Program

This innovative program builds on basic SUNsational Service® training. Certification is obtained by demonstrating proficiency in seven critical service areas. Learning and Organizational Development courses, in-house training courses and life experiences are all eligible for acceptance by the Program Administrator. Within each service area, applicants must demonstrate proficiency in three competencies. Contact the Human Resources Division-Learning and Organizational Development Section at or 954-357-6001 for additional information or visit

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