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Our Lactation Policy is consistent with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), effective March 23, 2010, which amended Section 7 of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Broward County’s policy is to assist in the transition of women from maternity leave back to work following the birth of a child by providing the following:

a. Breastfeeding employees are allowed to breastfeed or express milk during work hours using their normal breaks and meal times. For time that may be needed beyond the usual break and meal times, employees may use personal leave or may adjust their time as approved by their supervisors.

b. A designated private lactation room in certain buildings is available for employees to breastfeed or express milk. If no designated area exists, a private room (not a restroom), shall be made available for employees to breastfeed or express milk. The undesignated room is to be: private and sanitary, located near a sink with running water for washing hands and rinsing out breast pump parts, and equipped with an electrical outlet. If employees prefer, they may also breastfeed or express milk in their own private office, or in other comfortable locations agreed upon in consultation with the employee’s supervisor. If the space is not dedicated to the nursing mother’s use, it will be available when needed in order to meet statutory requirement. Expressed milk can be stored in general or designated refrigerators provided in the lactation room or other locations within the workplace.

Please contact the Human Resources Division-Labor Relations Section at or 954-357-6006 for further information or guidance.

Lateness (See Tardiness)

Layoff and Recall (See Reduction in Force)

Learning Center

The County sponsors a variety of classes available through the County’s Learning Center to address the professional growth needs of employees and the developmental needs of the organization through classroom and electronic delivery. Employees can check the training schedule and register for a course using the Learning Center as well as print their training transcript. The Learning Center can be accessed from the BC-Net home page under the Learning Opportunities Section.

Learning and Organizational Development Section

The Learning and Organizational Development Section drives workforce planning and development in our organization. The Human Resources Division-Learning and Organizational Development Section provides educational support, internal consulting facilitation services to guide groups in achieving organizational results, improved resource management, and performance training and development. Its annual training schedule offers courses in support of the continuous development of all County employees.

Leave of Absence without Pay

Benefit-eligible employees who have completed at least six months of employment may request unpaid leave for such reasons as education, training, illness, parenting as well as other personal reasons. Requests for leave must be in writing. Generally, all applicable accrued leave must be exhausted before a leave of absence without pay shall be granted by the director of the employing agency. Leaves of absence without pay may be granted for up to seven full pay periods by the appointing authority or up to one year with approval of the County Administrator. Leave without Pay is not an entitlement and is subject to the operational needs of the Division.

To keep insurance coverage in force, employees are expected to continue to pay for their benefits while on leave without pay. Employees should discuss Leave without Pay that is expected to last longer than two pay periods with the Human Resources Division-Employee Benefits Services Section at or 954-357-6700 prior to the leave. Health Insurance subsidies are continued for up to seven pay periods while on approved leave of absence without pay.

Note: In 2014, Broward County began implementing a new timekeeping and attendance system, easyPay. Certain leave request procedures will change as easyPay is launched countywide. Visit for updates.

Legal Insurance (See Your Benefits & You)

Life Insurance (See Your Benefits & You)

Living Wage

On October 8, 2002, the Broward County Board of County Commissioners approved a "Living Wage" ordinance which, among other things, requires that Broward County pay full-time and part-time 20-plus benefit-eligible employees a minimum wage. As of January 2014 this wage is set at $11.46 per hour.

Long-Term Care Insurance (See Your Benefits & You)

Long-Term Disability Insurance (See Your Benefits & You)

Lunch/Meal Period

A lunch or meal period shall be scheduled during the workday or shift. The duration of the lunch/meal period will be determined based on the operational needs of the agency and shall be unpaid.


Employees should not use County addresses to receive or send personal mail. Receiving and sending (unless you drop your mail into a USPS mail drop located on County property) personal mail at County work locations not only creates a cost to the County for processing it, but the mail could be considered a public record and be subject to the Public Records Act. See also Public Records.

Mandatory Training

Mandatory training is defined by County policy. The Human Resources Division-Learning and Organizational Development Section administers these programs.

  • Every new employee must complete Employee Essentials New Hire Orientation.
  • Every new employee must complete Employment Issues New Hire training within one year from their date of hire.
  • Every employee must complete Employment Issues Refresher training each odd numbered fiscal year.
  • Every employee must complete "SUNsational Service®," a customer service basic training program that sets the standards for service excellence at all levels of the organization, within one year from their hire date.

Employees in job classifications that involve supervision as a part of their regularly assigned duties are required to complete the supervisory development program, "Positive Start Flex."

The County also requires additional mandatory training which includes: Basic Awareness under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Introduction to Records Management, FEMA/NIMS, and Kronos Time and Attendance online and classroom training. Contact the HIPAA Privacy and Security Officer in the Office of Intergovernmental Affairs and Professional Standards for questions on HIPAA training. For questions on the Introduction to Records Management training, contact the Records Center in the Records, Taxes and Treasury Division. The Emergency Management Division provides FEMA/NIMS (National Incident Management System) training. For questions on the Kronos Time and Attendance training, contact Enterprise Technology Services (ETS).

Media Inquiries

Broward County has a process for receiving and responding to media inquiries. All media inquiries received by staff should be responded to with accuracy as soon as possible. Check with your director for agency specific policies. To ensure accurate information, staff at the Division Director level or higher should respond to media inquiries that relate to policy issues. Media contacts should be reported to the Department Director, who will notify the County Administrator, Deputy County Administrator and the Office of Public Communications. The Office of Public Communications will forward media inquiries of a non-routine nature to the Board of County Commissioners. For more information and tips on effectively handling media inquiries, visit the BC-Net and click OFFICE OF PUBLIC COMMUNICATIONS under AGENCIES.

Medical Exams

County employees are subject to preplacement (post-offer) occupational medical exams, including a medical questionnaire, a medical examination and drug screening as appropriate to their position.

Promotional and lateral transfers may require additional occupational medical exams, depending on the potential occupational risks associated with their new position.

Other medical exams may include: periodic exams, follow-ups after prolonged illness or impairment, fit-for-duty assessments, and ‘for cause’ drug and alcohol testing.

Employees should report any on-the-job exposures to chemicals or communicable disease to their supervisor and/or the Safety and Occupational Health and Workers’ Compensation Sections of the Risk Management Division at 954-357-7200 along with the County’s Managed Care provider, Amerisys, at 1-800-455-2081.

Military Leave

Under federal and state law, benefit-eligible employees who are members of Reserve and National Guard units are entitled to leave for military training and to receive supplemental pay if activated for federal or state emergency service as provided by applicable laws. Employees should contact the Human Resources Division-Employee Benefits Services Section at or 954-357-6700 to discuss benefit plan options prior to beginning the leave and upon return from the leave. Please contact the Human Resources Division-Labor Relations Section at or 954- 357-6006 for more information regarding this policy.

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