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Safety thru Swap Meet
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The County wants to ensure a safe and healthy work environment for all employees. Safety is everyone’s responsibility, and the County expects all employees to get involved. Employees who see an unsafe condition or work practice, no matter how small it may seem, should report it to a supervisor or the Safety and Occupational Health Section of the Risk Management Division. Refer also to the Safety Handbook "Your Right to Know" and the Safety Manual on the BC-Net under Risk Management. Contact the Safety and Occupational Health Section for further information.

Salary Ranges

Salary ranges (minimums and maximums) for each job classification are established by the County Commission following a recommendation from the Human Resources Division-Compensation Services Section or in conjunction with the approval of a collective bargaining agreement.

Seasonal Positions

The County employs individuals in seasonal positions. These individuals may be recalled to work each season to perform work during a temporary or transitory peak period that recurs as a result of events such as tax collection or recreation programs. Individuals in seasonal positions may not work more than the equivalent of six months in any 12-month period.


Workplace security is a responsibility shared by the County and all employees. The County may request the cooperation of an employee in agreeing to a search of personal property, such as packages, briefcases, purses and similar containers as well as private vehicles parked on County property. County supervisors and managerial employees have the right to enter or search County property with or without notice, including desks, lockers, computers, phones and email. Generally, there shall be no expectation of privacy while on any County property, or of any property brought onto County premises. This delicate balance between privacy and security is important to everyone and cooperation is needed from all employees. Contact the Human Resources Division - Labor Relations Section at or 954-357-6006 for further information. Refer also to Policy Opposing Workplace Violence.

Seat Belts

Employees are expected to use seat belts when driving County or private vehicles in the course of County business. Employees who sustain an injury or injuries in a vehicular accident while driving a County or personal vehicle in the course of conducting County business may forfeit workers’ compensation benefits if it is determined that seat belts were not being worn. Refer also to Risk Management’s Employee Safety and Health Handbook.

The County’s basic life insurance and employee optional life insurance programs include additional benefits if death occurs as a result of an automobile accident and the employee was wearing a seat belt at the time of death. Contact the Human Resources Division-Employee Benefits Services Section at or 954-357-6700 for additional information.

Separation from County Employment

When an employee separates from County employment, he or she may be eligible to receive a cash payout for the remainder of accrued annual leave and a percentage of accrued sick leave, based on the maximum of 960 hours. The percentage of sick leave varies based on reason for separation and procedural or collective bargaining agreement requirements. Contact the Human Resources Division-Labor Relations Section at or 954-357-6006 for further information.

Contact the Human Resources Division-Employee Benefits Services Section at or 954-357-6700 for information on continuation of benefits. See also Resignation of Employment

Sexual Harassment (See Harassment)

All employees must complete the Employment Issues Refresher Training class. The class is in odd-numbered fiscal years. If an employee feels that they have been the subject of harassing behavior by a supervisor, non-supervisor, vendor, client or member of the public, they should report it immediately to their supervisor, someone in their supervisory chain, or contact the Office of Intergovernmental Affairs and Professional Standards (OIAPS) at 954-357-6500. Please refer to: Employment Issues Training.

Sick Leave

Benefit-eligible employees begin to accrue Sick Leave immediately upon employment. Most full-time employees accrue eight hours of Sick Leave for each full month of work time. Sick Leave is used for absence from work due to the employee’s personal illness or injury. Sick Leave may also be used for employee medical, dental, optical or other health-related appointments which could only be scheduled during work hours or where a County physician requires the employee to be absent.

Sick Leave cannot be used for non-health related reasons (i.e., vacation). Employees may be required to submit documentation for approval of Sick Leave in accordance with County policy and/or the County’s Sick Leave Monitoring policy. Abuse/misuse of Sick Leave may result in denial of the Sick Leave and corrective action. Benefit-eligible employees whose positions are covered by a collective bargaining agreement should consult the applicable collective bargaining agreement for the applicable provisions on Sick Leave.

Note: In 2014, Broward County began implementing a new timekeeping and attendance system, easyPay. Certain leave request procedures will change as easyPay is launched countywide. Visit for updates.

Sick Leave Bonus Day

Benefit-eligible employees earn a Sick Leave Bonus Day for any period of 13 consecutive pay periods in which no sick leave has been taken.

Benefit-eligible employees whose positions are covered by a collective bargaining unit should consult the collective bargaining agreement for the provisions on Sick Leave Bonus Day and usage.

Sick Leave Conversion

Once annually, eligible employees are advised of their eligibility to participate in a voluntary program that allows them to convert qualified sick leave hours into annual leave hours, usually on a two-to-one ratio. Benefit-eligible employees whose positions are covered by a collective bargaining unit should consult the collective bargaining agreement for the applicable Sick Leave Conversion provisions. Contact the Human Resources Division-Labor Relations Section at or 954-357-6006 for additional information.

Sick Leave Donation (See Donated Leave Program) (See Your Benefits & You)


Smoking is not permitted in County buildings or in County vehicles.

Social Security

Employee contributions to Social Security are matched by the County. Social Security rates are set by Congress and are based on a percentage of annual salary. Employees and the County pay no Social Security on benefit premiums paid on a pretax basis, on amounts allocated to Health Care or Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts, or on the Health Reimbursement Account under the Consumer Driven Health Plans or the Health Savings Account under the High Deductible Health Plan.

Social Security Number, Collection of

Broward County collects your Social Security number for a number of different purposes. The Florida Public Records Law, specifically section 19.071(5)3.a. Florida Statutes (2007), requires the County to give you this written statement explaining the purpose and authority for collecting your Social Security number. Each agency is responsible for notification and purpose of collection. Social Security Numbers are considered Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and should not be distributed without prior authorization.

Note: Broward County collects your Social Security Number in the performance of a duty or responsibility the County must complete in accordance with law or business necessity. Even if a law does not specifically provide the County with the authority to collect your Social Security number as expressly provided in section 19.07(5), it is imperative that the County collect your Social Security Number.

Starting Salary

The starting salary for a new appointment is dependent upon qualifications. Salaries cannot exceed the maximum of the range of the classification. Starting salary upon upward reclassification or promotion is typically a 7.5 percent increase above the employee’s existing salary or the minimum rate for the new classification, whichever is greater; provided that the adjusted rate does not exceed the maximum of the range of the new classification. Bargaining unit employees should consult the applicable collective bargaining agreement regarding the promotional increase.

Student Positions

The County employs students who are at least 16 years of age and who are enrolled in state licensed schools, in job classifications for which they are qualified. Student openings are announced periodically and are available at Careers. For additional information, please contact the Human Resources Division-Staffing Services Section at staffing@ or 954-357-6444.

SUNsational Service®

SUNsational Service® is the County’s customer service program and is administered by the Human Resources Division Learning and Organizational Development Section. It is mandatory for all employees and should be completed within one year of hire.

The program sets the 10 Standards of Customer Service Excellence for dealing with internal and external customers. It introduces the 10 standards; gives guidelines for facilitating face-to-face, telephone and written communications; demonstrates active listening skills; and recognizes the impact of service excellence. The goal of SUNsational Service® is to positively change our culture and the level of service experienced by every citizen and guest of the County.

Sunshine Law

The State of Florida has enacted a law that makes governmental proceedings (official meetings) open to the public. This law is commonly referred to as the Sunshine Law and is equally applicable to elected and appointed boards and has been applied to any gathering of two or more members of the same board to discuss matters that are anticipated to come before the board for action. See also Public Records.

Swap Meet

Swap Meet is an employee online classified ad service administered by the Office of Public Communications. Any Broward County employee with access to the BC-Net can post "ads" or notices in Swap Meet for viewing by other Broward County employees. Swap Meet ads may include items submitted under the categories of County Office Furniture/Supplies, Lost and Found and Personal Classified. To learn more about Swap Meet and create a post, visit the BC-Net and click SWAP MEET under SHOP ONLINE.

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