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Insurance Plans for 2014
Open Enrollment 2014
Before You Log In to The Open Enrollment System
Logging In
Viewing/Updating Your Contact Information
Viewing/Updating Your Emergency Contacts
Viewing/Updating Life Insurance Beneficiary
Benefits Selections
Selecting Your Benefits Selections
Selecting Your Flexible Spending Accounts
Selecting Coverage For Your Dependents
Waiving Coverage for Your Dependents
Deleting Your Dependents
Reviewing/Printing Your Confirmation Statement
Resubmitting/Changing Your Enrollment
Logging Out
What Can I Do After Open Enrollment Closes?
Benefits Selections
Broward County > Benefits > Open Enrollment > Benefits Selections


This Benefits Selections screen contains 3 sections: Employee Information, Benefits Selections and Flexible Spending Accounts.

Employee Information

The Employee Information section displays your personal information on the left pane and your current 2013 coverage on the right.Employee Information screen
If you wish to update your information, click Update My Info and then refer to the Viewing/Updating Your Contact Information for instructions.

Benefits Selections

The Benefits Selections section allows you to select your health, dental, vision, legal insurance plan, and other selections.  Refer to the Selecting Your Benefits Selections for instructions on populating this section.
Benefits Selections Screen

Flexible Spending Accounts

The Flexible Spending Accounts section allows you to enter a tax-deferred amount that you can use to pay for your pharmacy, dental, vision, and approved over-the-counter expenses that are not covered by your insurance or any other plan or dependent day care expenses. Covered health expenses can be paid out of your Health Reimbursement Account if enrolled in one of the CDH health plans. Refer to Selecting Your Flexible Accounts for instructions on populating this section.Flexible Spending Accounts

Remember: Regarding the Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA): The maximum contribution for Medical Expense is $2,500 per year. The maximum contribution for Dependent Care is $5,000 per year.