Broward County Human Resources Benefits
Deferred Comp Presentations and AppointmentsDeferred Compensation presentations and 1-on-1 appointments are scheduled. This is a great opportunity to save for your retirement on a tax deferred basis. Be sure to schedule some time to attend the presentation or have a private appointment with the representative from ICMA, Nationwide or Brighthouse. Schedule HERE.​

Engagement Incentive for 2018

In recognition of the importance of annual preventive screenings, the County has continued the Engagement Incentive for 2018. PLEASE NOTE - Affidavit is NOT NEEDED for regular events. If you are completing your annual event in a timely manner and do NOT fall into the categories below, please do NOT submit an affidavit.

New enrollees in either HDHP for the new year will have until March 31, 2018 to complete the Engagement Incentive and will not be funded until the 2018 Engagement Incentive Affidavit is received and verified by UnitedHealthcare.

Qualifying event enrollees will have 90 days from their date of activation in the UHC HDHP or HCHP OON to complete the 2018 Engagement Incentive and funding will occur once the affidavit​ is received and verified by UnitedHealthcare.

New employees are exempt during their first year from completing the Engagement Incentive to receive their prorated funding for that first year. However they need to complete one of the engagement options during the year to qualify for the following year.

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