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How to Find Information on Your Benefits Plan
Broward County > Benefits > How to Find Information on Your Benefits Plan

Do you ever need to find information on one of your benefit plans and can’t find your plan booklets or the Benefits office is closed?   We have made it easy to find information in one central location – the Your Benefits & You website ( Your Benefits & You provides quick access to material and carrier websites. Let’s take a tour:

The Left Side of the page provides a list of all of our benefit plans. Simply click on the plan you need information on and it will open another window. Example:

I need to contact FBMC about my Health Reimbursement Account. Click ON MEMBER SERVICE CONTACTS. Visual instruction... 

I want information on Long Term Disability. Click on LONG TERM DISABILITY, a new page opens with general information and a link to the Long Term Disability brochure.

Visual instruction... 
I need information on my health plan. Click on HEALTH, a new page opens with general information on our health plans. Visual instruction... 
I want to see a summary of the CDH High plan. Click on View more benefits offered under our Humana health plans. A new page opens on Humana’s dedicated website that allows me to either log into my secure account or view general information. I only need general information so I click on CDH High Benefits under Quick Links. A Summary of the plan comes up and I can see what the cost of coverage for a specialist office visit.  Visual instruction...

Members can also search for providers, find information on Behavioral Health, discount vision and discount dental benefits and much more. The site also allows you to log in to your secure account to view claims information, use the cost comparison tool to compare doctors, outpatient facilities and hospitals, print a temporary ID card, view your HumanaVitality status or view your HumanaVitality Dashboard. Need to find a Member Service number? Click on Member Service Contacts


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