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Voluntary Benefits Through Allstate Benefits!

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Broward County is proud to offer you a benefits package that gives you and your family flexibility and choice, allowing you to make the best decisions regarding your health, financial needs and work/life balance. Coverage's offered through Allstate Benefits include:
Accident, Critical Illness, Cancer and Indemnity Medical. To learn more, please review the information below to see how these important benefits can help protect you from life's uncertainties.

Allstate Benefits Accident Insurance


Accidents happen. A missed step is all it takes

Accident insurance from Allstate Benefits can help cover some of the unexpected out-of-pocket expenses associated with an on- or off-the-job accidental injury. Coverage includes benefits for hospitalization, emergency treatment, dismemberment, intensive care, and dislocations or fractures. And, accident insurance works well with your major medical plan, closing gaps in coverage. It pays cash benefits to help you pay for copays, deductibles – or you can even use it to help cover other payments such as your mortgage or rent, utility bills, child care and more. Our policy helps offer peace of mind and financial support when an accidental injury occurs.

Allstate Benefits Brochure - Accident

Allstate Benefits Critical Illness Brochure select to openin new window

It’s likely you know someone affected by a critical illness.

Critical Illness coverage provides a lump-sum cash benefit to help you cover the out-of-pocket expenses associated with a critical illness. No one knows what lies ahead on the road through life. Will you have to undergo a major organ transplant or coronary artery bypass procedure? Will you suffer from a stroke or heart attack? The costs involved with these conditions could have a significant impact on hard-earned finances such as lost income, child care, travel expenses, prescription drugs and mortgage payments. This coverage also pays a benefit when you are diagnosed with invasive cancer, cancer in situ, advanced Alzheimer's disease, advanced Parkinson's disease, second time with a previously paid Initial Critical Illness Benefit, and more. There is also a Wellness Benefit included in this plan which pays a benefit of $50 for every covered family member, once per person per year, for completing one of the following covered wellness exams: chest X-ray, colonoscopy, mammogram, blood test for triglycerides, Echocardiogram, lipid panel and more. The signs pointing to a critical illness are not always clear and may not be preventable, but Critical Illness coverage from Allstate Benefits can help offer financial support in the event you are diagnosed.

Allstate Benefits Brochure - Critical Illness

Allstate Benefits Canser Brochure select to open
Allstate Benefits Cancer coverage

It’s likely you know someone affected by cancer.

If you were diagnosed with cancer, would you be financially prepared? With Cancer coverage from Allstate Benefits, you can help protect your hard-earned finances if diagnosed with cancer and receive treatment. Our coverage pays cash benefits for cancer and 29specified diseases to help with the costs for treatment and expenses if a diagnosis occurs. You can use the benefit to help pay for everything from treatment to medical appliances to daily living expenses such as rent or groceries. Each calendar year, you can receive a cash benefit for one of the following medical tests: Bone marrow testing; blood tests for CA15-3 (breast cancer), CA125 (ovarian cancer), PSA (prostate cancer), or CEA (colon cancer); chest X-ray; colonoscopy; flexible sigmoidoscopy; Hemoccult stool analysis; mammography; Pap smear; and serum protein electrophoresis (test for myeloma). If diagnosed for the first time with cancer (except skin cancer), you can receive a one-time cash benefit.

Allstate Benefits Brochure - Cancer

Allstate Indemnity Insurance
Allstate Benefits Indemnity

Don’t let hospital confinement take you by surprise.

Group Indemnity Medical coverage from Allstate Benefits provides cash benefits for hospital confinements, and can help as they happen. Expenses associated with a hospital stay can be financially difficult if money is tight and you are not prepared. But having the right coverage in place to help when a sickness or injury occurs can help eliminate your financial concerns and provide support at a time when it is needed most. Our coverage helps offer peace of mind when a hospitalization occurs.

Allstate Benefits Brochure - Indemnity Medical


Customer Care Center - 800-521-3535
Group Claims - 800-937-7039
Individual Claims - 800-348-4489
(8 a.m. - 8 p.m. EST Monday - Friday)

Visit the Broward County - Allstate Benefits Website to find product videos and more!

Allstate Benefits - My Benefits Website - This website places coverage and claim information at your fingertips 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allowing you to review your information on your schedule.

Individual policy numbers will be received in your individual welcome packets mailed to your home address from Allstate Benefits.  Please contact Allstate Benefits with any questions.


Coverage prior to December 31, 2014, offered through AFLAC:

Contact Information
Al Zingales, Regional Sales Coordinator
Office: 954-474-4108
Fax: 954-474-4305