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Section III - Vision Insurance
Broward County > Benefits > Section III - Vision Insurance

The County offers a comprehensive vision plan through UnitedHealthcare.

The vision insurance is a pretax plan; elections are irrevocable for the remainder of the plan year and cannot be changed unless the change is due a relevant qualifying event.

The vision plan does not require you to select a primary care doctor or facility. You have the option of using preferred doctors in the network who have agreed to accept negotiated set fees or you can use any doctor of your choice and receive the benefit reimbursement per the out-of-network plan specifications. The plan features:

  • Freedom to choose any doctor
  • Extra savings when you use a participating provider
  • Large panel of providers to choose from

Carefully review the vision plan benefit chart in the vision carrier’s enrollment packet.  You are encouraged to read the information provided by the carrier. If you have questions, please call the carrier’s Customer Service number located on the inside cover of this book.

In-network covered-in-full benefits (after applicable copay) include a comprehensive exam, eye glasses with standard single vision, lined bifocal, or lined trifocal lenses, standard scratch-resistant coating and the frame, or contact lenses in lieu of eye glasses.

Plan Highlights:

In-network services Copays
  • Exam
  • Materials
Benefit Frequency  
  • Comprehensive Exam
Once every 12 months
  • Spectacle Lenses
Once every 12 months
  • Frames
Once every 12 months
  • Contact Lenses in Lieu of Eye Glasses
Once every 12 months
Frame Benefit  
  • Private Practice Provider
$75.00 wholesale frame allowance
  • Retail Chain Provider
$225.00 retail frame allowance
Lens Options  
Standard scratch-resistant coating, Standard, Deluxe progressive lenses, Polycarbonate lenses Covered in full (See Lens Option insert in vision packet)

Contact Lens Benefit

  • Covered-in-full elective contact lenses
    The fitting/evaluation fees, contact lenses, and up to two follow-up visits are covered in full (after copay). If you choose disposable contacts, up to four boxes are included when obtained from a network provider.
  • All other elective contact lenses
    A $105.00 allowance is applied toward the fitting/evaluation fees and purchase of contact lenses outside the covered selection (materials copay does not apply). Toric, gas permeable and bifocal contact lenses are examples of contact lenses that are outside of our covered contacts.
  • Necessary contact lenses (example: cataract surgery)
    Covered in full after applicable copay.
 Out-of-Network Reimbursements (copays do not apply)  Up To:
 Exam  $40
 Frames  $45
 Single Vision Lense  $40
 Bifocal Lenses  $60
 Trifocal Lenses  $80
 Lenticular Lenses  $80
 Elective contacts in lieu of eye glasses  $105
 Necessary contacts in lieu of eye glasses $210
Laser Vision Benefit
UnitedHealthcare Vision has partnered with the Laser Vision Network of America (LVNA) to provide our members with access to discounted laser vision correction providers. Members receive 15% off usual and customary pricing, 5% off promotional pricing at over 500 network provider locations and even greater discounts through set pricing at LasikPlus locations. For more information, call 1-888-563-4497 or visit us at