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Health Plan - HDHP
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Your Benefits & You
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All of the following benefit plans are administered by the Employee Benefit Services section of Human Resources. Please contact Employee Benefit Services at 954-357-6700, Outlook mailbox “benefits” or by email to benefits@ for questions and/or additional information. Visit our website at

Your liaison for insurance and benefit providers is Employee Benefit Services (EBS). EBS works with employees to ensure contractual benefits are received in a timely and effective manner. Office hours are: Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

You can also contact this office via phone at 954-357-6700, via fax at 954-728-2777,
Outlook e-mail address “benefits,” or
For general benefit assistance, contact: 954-357-6700
For COBRA or Retiree information assistance, contact:
For COBRA or Retiree billing assistance, contact: 800 342-8017 FBMC

If a disability hinders your access to information needed to make benefit elections, you may request special assistance. If you require an accommodation, please contact Employee Benefit Services at 954-357-6700.

Section I - Employee Agreement
Employee Agreement

Section II – Eligibility and Documentation Requirements
Who is Eligible?
Dependent Definitions
Dependent Eligibility and Documentation Requirements 
Documentation of Student Status or Financial Support 
When Can I Enroll?
What is a Relevant Qualifying Event?
Open Enrollment

Section III – Pre-Tax Health, Dental, Vision & FSA Plans
What is a Pre-tax Benefit Plan?
Irrevocable Election
Coverage Effective Dates for Pre-tax Plans
Coverage End Dates for Pre-tax Plans

Health Insurance 
Open Access
Prior Authorization
Exclusions and Limitations
Survivor Benefits
Service Area
Student Passport Program
Selecting a PCP
Common Questions Asked About Health Insurance
Consumer Driven Health Plans (HMO with Deductible Plans)
CDH Plan Definitions
How to use your CDH Plan
When do I pay a Copayment?
When do I pay Coinsurance and/or a Deductible
How many family members must satisfy a deductible?
Health Plan Comparison Chart
How do I use my Health Reimbursement Account (HRA)?
Other HRA highlights
How can I Use my HRA to pay for eligible services?
Can I receive reimbursement from both my HRA and FSA Medical Expense Account for the same expense?
What if I don’t use all my HRA money before the end of the year?
What if I use all my HRA money before the end of year?
Health Reimbursement Account Guidelines

Pharmacy Rx Plan
Preferred Medication List (PML)
Mandatory 90 Day Maintenance Program
Restricted Generic Policy
Brand versus Generic
Preferred versus Non-Preferred Drug
Specialty Pharmacy Medications
Pharmacy Copayments
Pharmacy ID cards
Pharmacy Network Providers
Clinical Prior Authorization
Web site Registration

Dental Insurance 
DHMO - Humana/CompBenefits
High PPO - Standard/Ameritas
Dental Plan Highlights
Dental Plan Comparison Chart

Vision Insurance
What it covers

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)
What is a Flexible Spending Account?
Use It or Lose It Rule
What types of FSAs are available?
Which expenses are not reimbursable?
Which expenses require proof of Medical Necessity?
What are the Plan Year contribution limits?
Claim processing
How to get reimbursed

Section IV – After-Tax Supplemental Plans 
Life Insurance - Basic
Life Insurance - Employee Optional
Life Insurance - Spouse/Domestic Partner and Child Life Insurance 
Life Insurance - Special Occupation
Long Term Care Insurance
Long Term Disability Insurance
Personal Income Protection Plans
Prepaid Legal Insurance

Section V – Well-Being Programs
Donated Leave Program
Florida Prepaid College Program
Wellness Incentives
Disease Management Pharmacy Incentive
Wellness Resource Center
Wellness Seminars and Health Fairs

Section VI – Deferred Compensation & Retirement Plans
Deferred Compensation
Who is a Retiree?
Retiree Benefits
FRS Health Insurance Subsidy
Retiree Continuation of Benefit Plans
Florida Retirement System (FRS)
Two FRS Retirement Plans to Choose From
FRS DROP - Deferred Retirement Option Program
FRS Retirement Plan
Options Comparison Chart

Section VII – Notices
Continuation of Coverage Notification-COBRA
Continuation of Coverage Notification-Domestic Partner 
Domestic Partner and Overage Dependents (age 25-30) 
Family and Medical Leave Act-FMLA
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
Medicare D Prescription Coverage Notice
Notice of Privacy Practices - Pharmacy Benefit Plan
Privacy Statement
Social Security Number, Collection of
Summary Plan Description
Uniformed Services Employment And Reemployment Rights Act-USERRA

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