• Council Members

The following are the current members of the Broward Housing Council and their member categories


Chair, Randall Vitale  (Banker)

Vice Chair, Councilmember Caryl Hattan  (Community Representative)


Robert Baldwin  (Broward League of Cities: City Manager with less than 50,000 residents)

Richard W. Barkett  (Realtors Association of Greater Fort Lauderdale)

Ann Deibert  (Broward County Housing Authority)

Frances Esposito  (Chief Executive of a not-for-profit homeless organization)

Lee Feldman  (Broward League of Cities: City Manager of a city with more than 50,000 residents)

Commissioner Dale Holness  (Member of the Broward County Commission)

Gino Moro​ ​ (Florida Association of Mortgage Professionals, Broward Chapter)

​Monica Navarro​  (Community Representative)

Mercedes J. Nunez  (Recipient of Section 8 housing assistance or another housing program)

John Peters  (Builders Association of South Florida)

Commissioner David Rosehof  (Broward League of Cities: Officer of the organization)

Frank Schnidman   (Florida Atlantic University Center for Urban Redevelopment and Education, FAU/CURE)

Ralph Stone   (County Administrator designee)

Lisa Vecchi   (Chief Executive of a not-for-profit housing organization)


Vacant   Owner of a business that employs at least fifty (50) employees

Vacant   Broward County School District

Vacant   Owner of a business that employs fewer than 50 employees


Member Bylaws

Attendance Ordinance 2013-17 (PDF)