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Fiscal Year 2006 Adopted Operating Budget
Broward County > Office of Management and Budget > Fiscal Year 2006 Adopted Operating Budget


Entire Document -- pdf



Summaries -- pdf


Millage Comparison
Consolidated Fund Summary
Operating Budget Appropriation Summary
Appropriations by Department
Appropriations by Type
General Fund Appropriation Summary
General Fund Revenue Summary
Financial Information



County Commission -- pdf


Departmental Summary
County Attorney
County Auditor
County Commission



Elected Officials -- pdf


Departmental Summary
Clerk of Courts
Legislative Delegation
Property Appraiser
BSO - Regional Law Enforcement Services
BSO - Contract Services
BSO - Corrections and Rehabilitation
BSO - Fire Rescue/Regional Services
BSO - Fire Rescue Fund
BSO - Communication System Technology - Administration
BSO - Communication System Technology - Equipment Maintenance
BSO - Wireline
BSO - Wireless
Supervisor of Elections



Judicial -- pdf


Departmental Summary
Circuit/County Court
Court Cost Fund
Court Facilities Fee Fund
Judicial Technology Fee Fund
Law Library Fund
Legal Aid
Public Defender
State Attorney
Teen Court Fee Fund



County Administration -- pdf


Departmental Summary
Emergency Management Agency
Office of Economic Development
Office of Economic Development/Assigned Costs
Office of Equal Opportunity
Office of Housing
Office of Management and Budget
Office of Professional Standards
Office of Public & Governmental Relations
Office of Public Communications
Office of Public Communications/Print Shop



Aviation -- pdf


Departmental Summary



Community Services -- pdf


Departmental Summary
Animal Care & Regulation
Animal Care Trust
Community Services/Assigned Costs
Consumer Affairs
Public Art & Design Trust Fund
Broward Cultural Council
Extension Education
Mass Transit-Operating
Parks & Recreation
Parks Target Range
Parks Enhanced Marine Law Enforcement
Municipal Service District



Finance and Administrative Services -- pdf


Departmental Summary
County Records
Public Records Modernization Trust Fund
Value Adjustment Board
Human Resources - Employee Benefits Fund
Human Resources/General Fund
Office of Information Technology
Office of Information Technology/Assigned Costs
Revenue Collection
Risk Management
BSO Self Insurance
Support Enforcement
Assigned Department Costs



Human Services -- pdf


Departmental Summary
Administration-Human Services
Administration-Homeless Services Fund
Administration - Homeless Services Grants
Children's Services Administration
Children's Services Administration - Grants
Children's Services/Pay Telephone Trust Fund
Elderly & Veteran's Services
Elderly & Veterans Services Grants
Family Success Administration
Family Success Administration Grants
Medical Examiner & Trauma Services
Program Development, Research & Evaluation
Substance Abuse & Health Care Services/General Fund
Substance Abuse & Health Care Services - Grant Fund
Substance Abuse & Health Care Services Ryan White Grant Fund



Environmental Protection -- pdf


Departmental Summary
Pollution Recovery Trust Fund
Air Quality
Air Pollution Trust
Biological Resources
Environmental Monitoring
Pollution Prevention & Remediation
Water Resources



Port Everglades -- pdf


Departmental Summary
Port Everglades



Public Works and Transportation -- pdf


Departmental Summary
Assigned Department Cost/General Fund
Construction Management
Facilities Maintenance
Fleet Services
Highway & Bridge Maintenance/Mosquito Control
Highway & Bridge Maintenance/Mosquito Control State
Highway & Bridge Maintenance
Highway Construction & Engineering Services
Mandatory Collections
Resource Recovery
Solid Waste
Traffic Engineering Services/School Guards
Traffic Engineering Services/County Transportation Trust
County Transportation Trust Operations/Summary and Non-Departmental Costs
Water And Wastewater Fund
Water Management



Urban Planning and Redevelopment -- pdf


Departmental Summary
Building Code Services/General Fund
Building Code Services/MSD Fund
Building Code Services/Special Purpose Fund
Development Management
Impact Fee Surcharge Trust
Planning Services
Transportation Planning
Transportation Planning Grant Fund



Boards and Agencies -- pdf


Departmental Summary
Board of Rules & Appeals
County Department of Health
County Department of Health - Reimbursement
Convention Center
Convention & Visitors Bureau
Historical Commission
Management & Efficiency Study Committee
Planning Council



Non-Departmental -- pdf


Departmental Summary
Arena Special Revenue Fund
Non-Departmental Costs
Municipal Service District (MSD)
Street Lighting District
Cocomar Water Control District
Water Control District Two
Water Control District Three
Water Control District Four

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