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 Frequently Asked Questions


What was the purpose of the Beach Renourishment Projects?

The purpose is to restore the sandy beaches along the shoreline of Segment II (Lauderdale-By-The-Sea, Pompano Beach, and Fort Lauderdale) and Segment III (Hallandale Beach, Hollywood, and Dania Beach, and a portion of John U. Lloyd State Park). Restored beaches provide storm protection forproperties along the barrier island, recreational opportunities for residents and visitors, and habitat for sea turtles, shorebirds, and other marine life.

What would happen if we didn't restore the beaches?

Failure to rebuild eroded beaches would eventually result in the loss of many of the economically and environmentally valuable assets.

Will the beach be closed while it is being restored?

Only a small portion of the beach, approximately 500 feet long at any given time, will be closed to the public due to safety concerns. Safety and flag personnel will be present to guide the public around the closed area. The closed area of beach, however, will move along the beach quite rapidly as construction progresses.

How soon will the public be allowed to use the restored beach?

As soon as a section of beach is completed, it will be opened for use.

Will there be inconveniences for the public?

There will be noise in the vicinity of the construction area where sand is being offloaded and bulldozers are spreading the sand to thedesign beach elevation and width.The bulldozers have back-up alarms for safety.Construction noise will be temporary and during daylight hours only, and the area of noise will move along the beach as sections of beach are completed. Historic experience was that these inconveniences were minor and temporary and that the overall construction process was interesting to the public.

What access points will be used by trucks to transport sand to the beach?

The following access points will be utilized for the project. Please note that the only area listed in parenthesis are affected.

Pompano: SE 12th Street (from east side of A1A to the beach)

Lauderdale-By-The-Sea: Palm Avenue (from east side of El Mar Drive to the beach)

Fort Lauderdale: NE 30th Street (from east side of North Atlantic Boulevard to the beach), Vista Park (from east side of North Atlantic Boulevard to the beach), NE 25th Street (from east side of North Atlantic Boulevard to the beach), NE 18th Street (from east side of A1A to the beach), Sunrise Boulevard (from east side of A1A to the beach)

Will buildings, condos, and houses be affected by the project?

No. As part of the project, the contractor will employ a vibration specialist to monitor vibration levels from the construction. The specialist will conduct a pre-construction inventory of all shorefront structures and infrastructure which will be continuously monitored during construction. At the completion of the project, a post-construction assessment will be completed. It may be necessary to occasionally close beach accesses while construction occurs in the immediate vicinity of buildings, condos, and houses.​