Broward County 's Beach Renourishment Project (Segment III)

Week Ending April 29, 2005

Work has begun on the much anticipated Beach Renourishment Project. The starting point for the project is Magnolia Street in Hollywood. The project will then work southward to the Miami-Dade County line in Hallandale Beach. Equipment has been brought in and assembly of shore pipe is taking place at Magnolia Street. Workers are laying submerged pipe for the dredging process just off shore, a quarter of a mile south of Magnolia Street.

Equipment Assembly

Equipment Assembly Equipment Assembly

Pipeline is readied for assembly at Magnolia Street. A total of 16,470 feet, or 3.12 miles of steel, 30-inch diameter pipe will be used in the Beach Renourishment Project, both on shore and submerged.

Heavy Equipment

Beachgoers will encounter heavy equipment on the beach from time to time during the Beach Renourishment Project. Among the equipment beachgoers may see are bulldozers, front-end loaders, ATV carts, field shacks, fuel tanks, pipeline, valves, and fittings.

Off-Shore Work

Off Shore work Off Shore Work

After assembly at Port Everglades, the pipe string to be submerged was towed to the pipeline corridor location just south of Magnolia Street in Hollywood.

Pipeline string

The pipeline string was then aligned in the proper corridor. To insure safety of both boaters and swimmers, marker buoys have been placed to identify the work area.


After the pipeline is properly aligned, it is sunk to the ocean floor.