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Broward County ’s Beach Renourishment Project (Segment III)
Week Ending June 5, 2005

During the past week, the dredge Liberty Island pumped 85,000 cubic yards of sand onto the beaches of south Hollywood. The 19 dredge-loads of sand pumped out this week brought the total quantity placed to about 253,000 cubic yards along approximately 2600 feet -- one half mile -- of beach.

The Liberty Island recently put into Port Everglades and took on 160,000 gallons of fuel, enough to work for another three weeks before having to refuel again.  Food, spare parts, and personnel are brought aboard on a regular basis while the ship is working.

Also this week, rail cars of stone arrived at a rail siding in Opa Locka from the quarry in Georgia, and marine mattresses were delivered. The marine mattresses will be filled with the stone to form the foundation for the rubble-mound spur and T-head groins to be built at the north end of John U. Lloyd Beach State Park. Assembly and filling of the mattresses will proceed while the larger rocks (which will comprise the structures) are on their way from the quarry.

Business end of the discharge pipe

The business end of the discharge pipe.  Note the distinct lack of beach in front of the Westin Diplomat Resort and Spa just ahead of the pipe.

view of beach looking north from discharge area

A view of the new beach looking north from the discharge area:  Note how wide beach is now.

pipeline discharging sand

Here the pipeline is discharging sand as bulldozers wait to spread and grade the materials. In the distance you can just see the dredge with its tug tender offshore. The dredge pumps out from over a mile offshore.

Empty marine mattresses stacked at the rail siding in Opa Locka.

Empty marine mattresses stacked at the rail siding in Opa Locka. 

train cars full of stone

At the rail siding in Opa Locka, train cars full of stone, which will be used to fill the marine mattress foundations.

offloaded stone

Offloaded stone is readied and will be used to fill the marine mattresses with a font end loader.

empty marine mattress

An empty marine mattress being placed into the loading jig.

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