Week Ending July 3, 2005

During the past week, the Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Company hopper dredge Liberty Island pumped nearly 63,000 cubic yards of sand onto the beaches of south Broward County, restoring about 600 feet of beach. The beach construction area is now entering the City of Hallandale Beach. To date, some 455,800 cubic yards of sand has been placed along 4,610 feet of beach from Magnolia Terrace in Hollywood to the Hollywood/Hallandale Beach line.

At the rail siding in Opa locka, 60, 27-foot-long stone-filled mattresses have been constructed and 14, 23-foot-long mattresses have been constructed. The mattresses will serve as foundation for the groins and jetty spur. Trucks have begun to haul armor stone and chinking stone to the John U. Lloyd Beach State Park worksite. Construction of the groins is anticipated to begin this week.


Surveying the new beachsurveying the new beach

Surveying the newly constructed beach.

Hallandale Beach construction

The construction enters Hallandale Beach.

Beach construction site

Lots of activity at the beach construction site.

Dredge offshore pumping sand onto beach

The dredge offshore pumping sand onto the beach.

inspection of armor stone

Inspections of armor stone at the rail siding in Opa locka.

stone-filled mattresses

Completed stone filled mattresses and the stones that fill them.

chinking stones

The first load of chinking stones arrive at John U. Lloyd Beach State Park.

 armor stone

Armor stone stockpiled at the Park before beginning construction of the groins.