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Accrued Leave thru Automobile Accidents
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Accrued Leave thru Automobile Accidents
Broward County > Benefits > ABCs > Accrued Leave thru Automobile Accidents

Accrued Leave
When using accrued leave, an employee must take a minimum of 30 minutes. Before an employee will be considered for leave without pay, all applicable accrued leave must be exhausted. (See Leave of Absence Without Pay). Requests for leave must be submitted in advance to the Division for approval and will be granted in accordance with the Division’s operational needs. Employees covered by a collective bargaining agreement are subject to the provisions of the applicable Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Address Changes
Submit address changes to your division’s Payroll Liaison on the Employee Address Change Form available on the BC-Net under the FORMS link, Payroll section.  Check the address on your pay stub to make sure the change has been processed correctly. Failure to maintain your current address can delay your receipt of time-sensitive information, such as FRS statements, benefit ID cards and benefit-related information.

Employees who have applied for positions online at need to make the necessary changes to their personal profile online.

Advantage Marketing Program
The Advantage Marketing Program encourages the use of revenue-based opportunities, such as paid advertising, naming rights, co-sponsorships, in-kind exchanges and other creative marketing strategies to generate new revenues, enhance services, offset program costs, and enhance and expand educational outreach opportunities with private sector entities, not-for-profit organizations or other governments. The program sets standards for implementation that protect Broward County’s image and ensure an equitable exchange of promotional value. Employees who select revenue-based opportunities must receive proper authorization and training, and report activities annually.  For more information, visit the BC-Net and click AGENCIES, then OFFICE OF PUBLIC COMMUNICATIONS, email, or contact the Office of Public Communications at 954-357-6990.

Alternate Duty
Employees injured in the course of their employment may be provided alternate duty or temporary work assignments consistent with the attending physician’s orders during recuperation.  Employees are expected to accept alternate duty assignments or face a reduction in worker’s compensation benefits.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
The ADA is a comprehensive civil rights act that prohibits discrimination and ensures equal opportunity for persons with disabilities.

ADA Title I provides protection from disability-based discrimination in all aspects of employment.  Qualified employees or applicants with disabilities may request reasonable accommodations to perform the essential functions of a job. To request a reasonable accommodation, employees should contact the Office of Intergovernmental Affairs and Professional Standards (OIAPS) at 954-357-6500.  ADA Title II requires all County facilities, programs, services and activities to be accessible to individuals with disabilities. To report that a County facility, program, service or activity is inaccessible, contact OIAPS at 954-357-6500.

Additional information about the ADA can be found at the OIAPS website:

Anniversary Date
The date your employment begins and that date each following year is considered to be your anniversary date.   Anniversary dates may change when an employee is promoted, demoted or on leave without pay, as well as for other reasons.  Call the Human Resources Division-Compensation Services Section at: 954-357-6438 for assistance.

Annual Leave
Benefit-eligible employees begin to accrue annual leave immediately upon employment.  Employees in part-time 20-plus hour positions accrue annual leave in proportion to their scheduled hours, subject to approval by the Office of Management and Budget.  No more than 280 hours of annual leave can be carried over each year.

Benefit-eligible employees whose positions are covered by a collective bargaining agreement should consult their collective bargaining agreement for the applicable annual leave provisions which include accrual rates and rules of request and approval.

Benefit-eligible employees whose positions are not covered by a collective bargaining agreement accrue annual leave as shown below:

County Service Accrual Rate

  • Less than 5 years: 80 hours per year (3.08 hours per pay period)
  • 5 to 10 years: 120 hours per year (4.62 hours per pay period)
  • 10-plus years: 160 hours per year (6.15 hours per pay period)

Annual Leave Cash-Out
Unrepresented Employees: Benefit-eligible employees whose positions are not covered by a collective bargaining agreement (or where a collective bargaining agreement specifically provides for annual leave cash out as described herein) can cash out accrued annual leave once per calendar year up to a maximum before-tax amount of $4,000.  In order to be eligible for cash out, an employee must have used a minimum of 80 hours of leave (Job Basis and/or annual leave) during the preceding 12 months (calendar year basis).  A balance of 40 hours must remain after the cash out.

Represented Employees – Benefit-eligible employees whose positions are covered by a collective bargaining unit can cash out accrued annual leave once each calendar year to pay for expenses related to education or career development and for computer purchases. The maximum before-tax amount that can be cashed out is $2,000 per calendar year, subject to policy limitations.

Call the Human Resources Division-Employee Benefit Services Section for information about payout of annual leave upon entering DROP.

Annual Leave Cash-Out: Excess
Unrepresented Employees:  Benefit-eligible employees that have an accrued annual leave balance in excess of 280 hours at the end of the last pay period of the calendar year shall have all hours beyond 280 hours automatically cashed out provided that the employee has used at least 80 hours of leave (all annual leave or a combination of annual leave and job basis leave) during that calendar year.  If an otherwise eligible employee has not used 80 hours of leave during that calendar year, the accrued annual leave in excess of 280 hours will be forfeited.  Contact the Human Resources Division-Compensation Services Section at 954-357-6438 for assistance.

Represented Employees – Employees should refer to their applicable collective bargaining agreement for the excess annual leave policy. Contact the Human Resources Division-Employee/Labor Relations Section with any questions.

At-Will Employment
Effective October 1, 2000, all new appointments have been classified as exempt from Civil Service: appointees are “at will” and serve at the pleasure of the appointing authority, except as provided by any collective bargaining agreements.

Automobile Accidents
Employees involved in an automobile accident while driving in the course of conducting County business must report the accident to their supervisor and to the Risk Management Division immediately.  A Loss Notice and Accident Report must be completed within 24 hours of the accident and forwarded to the Risk Management Division.  After any accident, the police must be contacted and a police report must be requested and completed.  If a citation is issued in connection with an accident while driving a County vehicle, employees will be represented by the County Attorney’s Office.  Also see: Seat Belts.

Automobile Accident Review Committee
This committee reviews accidents involving County vehicles and drivers to determine if accidents were preventable. The committee may recommend corrective action to prevent or minimize the frequency or severity of future accidents. The Automobile Accident Review Committee is administered by the Safety and Occupational Health Section of the Risk Management Division.

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