Nepotism thru Overtime
Effective 1/1/16


“Nepotism” is giving preference in employment or work assignments to individuals because they are related to an employee by blood or marriage, and is not practiced by the County. The County does welcome applications from relatives of employees; however, to avoid a possible conflict of interest, a charge of nepotism or a violation of County ethics policies, employees and job candidates are asked to disclose if they have relatives working for the County.

Each situation is reviewed to ensure that no conflict results. Generally, employees may not work in positions that either supervise or influence the employment activity of a relative and may not be promoted to such positions. The Human Resources Division - Staffing Services Section administers this policy.

New Hire OnBoard Broward Program (see OnBoard Broward: New Hire Orientation)

OnBoard Broward: New Hire Orientation

OnBoard Broward is a mandatory one-day new hire orientation program designed for full-time and part-time 20 plus employees to learn about Broward County’s mission, values, goals and expectations, and review and choose their benefits.

“Our Best. Nothing Less.”

The Broward County Board of County Commissioners has adopted the Sterling Management System as the official organizational improvement model for Broward County Government. “Our Best. Nothing Less.” is the message that conveys and reinforces Broward County Government’s commitment to performance excellence. For more information on “Our Best. Nothing Less.’’ and a variety of tools you can use in your own workplace, visit the BC-Net home page. See also Employee Recognition Programs.

Outside Employment

A. Overview

Outside employment is any compensated employment performed by a County employee aside from his or her employment with the County, including any part-time employment, self-employment, and/or consultant-related employment. A County employee may perform uncompensated employment, or may serve as an uncompensated officer, director, registered agent, or member of any for-profit or not-for-profit organization, provided the employee discloses, on an Outside Employment Request Form (Form 102-113,) their intent to do so to the employee’s immediate supervisor prior to such performance or service.

Review and approval by the supervisor determines that such performance or service would not be inconsistent with the employee’s County responsibilities or the provisions of Chapter 112, Florida Statutes.

County employees may engage in outside employment only with the approval of the appropriate County official prior to actual employment. The County reserves the right to revoke approval of outside employment if it later determines that such outside employment poses a conflict with, or is incompatible with, County employment.

NOTE: Approved outside employment may result in circumstances which present occasional conflicts. For example, the employee is asked by the outside employer to perform work during the employee’s regular County working hours. Disclosure and consultation with the supervisor remains the best approach to handling and avoiding conflict of interest situations.

Division/Office/Department Directors should be familiar with the following to ensure that they are approving outside employment in accordance with statute and code as listed in the Authority section.

B. Outside Employment Request Form 102-113

All employees must complete and submit an Outside Employment Request Form, Form 102-113, acknowledging the policy, and attest to not engaging in outside employment or disclose engagement in any outside employment, as defined above. Employees complete and submit an updated Form 102-113 to their supervisor as necessary.

Outside Employment Request Forms are submitted to the applicant’s supervisor. The Department, Division Director and/or Office Director have final approval of the submitted request. The approved request must be maintained in the personnel agency’s personnel files. Any questions regarding the appropriateness of approving an outside employment request should be referred to the Director of Human Resources prior to approval of the request.

C. Review Guidelines

Requests for approval of outside employment are reviewed in detail by approving authorities in accordance with the following guidelines:

1. The proposed outside employment is in accordance with all of the laws, resolutions and rules as listed in the Authority Section above.

2. The proposed outside employment does not and will not interfere with the efficient performance of regular County duties, and will not occur during regular or assigned working hours unless applicable leave is requested and approved to cover the absence.

3. The proposed outside employment does not and will not involve a conflict of interest or otherwise conflict with any responsibilities as a County employee.

4. The proposed outside employment does not and will not involve the performance of maintenance or other work to the personal or real property of a managerial-level County employee or County elected official subject to the jurisdiction of the Board of County Commissioners or anyone in the employee’s chain of command.

For purposes of this policy, managerial-level County employee is specific to the following:

  • County Administrator, Deputy County Administrator, Assistant County Administrator or Assistants to the County Administrator
  • Department, Office, and Division Directors, Deputy Directors, Assistant Directors, Associate Directors and Assistant to the Director
  • President, Senior Vice President, Vice President, Film Commission Director, Director of Sales, Regional Director of Sales, Managing or General Directors within the Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau
  • Legislative Counsel, Senior Legislative Coordinator, Legislative Coordinator and Assistant to the Director within the Office of Intergovernmental Affairs and Professional Standards

5. An employee is prohibited from lobbying for compensation on behalf of: any outside principal or employer; County Commissioners; members of any County Selection/Evaluation committee, etc.

6. Approvals are only for a specific employer and type of work. If any change in employer or type of work occurs, a new Outside Employment Request Form must be completed, submitted and approved.

7. The County has the right to rescind the outside employment approval at any time upon written notice.

8. Any violation of the above provisions, including any of the provisions of the laws or rules, is subject to appropriate corrective and/or disciplinary action, up to and including discharge.

It is primarily the responsibility of each employee, particularly managerial level staff, to ascertain that his/her proposed outside employment is not in contravention of any of the above referenced laws, ordinances, orders or rules.

It is the responsibility of the reviewing/approving authority to be fully apprised of the above laws and rules, and to secondarily determine insofar as is possible, that any proposed outside employment is within the law. For further information or questions, please contact the Human Resources Division - Labor Relations Section at or 954-357-6006.


Employees in classes that are not exempt from the overtime provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) will receive the appropriate overtime pay when overtime is worked, in accordance with the FLSA, the appropriate collective bargaining agreement and/or the appropriate County policy. All overtime work must be authorized and approved in advance. Compensatory time off may be substituted for overtime pay at the appropriate overtime rate of pay, at management’s option and with the employee’s agreement. Compensatory time off must be submitted on a Compensation Time Earned Form (Form 403-404) found on the BC-Net under Accounting Forms. Employees covered by a collective bargaining agreement are subject to the provisions of the applicable Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Note: In 2014, Broward County began implementing a new timekeeping and attendance system, easyPay. Certain overtime procedures will change as easyPay is launched countywide. Visit​ for updates.