Dental Plans

Dental Plans 2018

Dental HMO Plan

Dental DHMO plans are like health HMOs. All services must be obtained from a participating dentist or specialist. No referral is needed for specialty services. Members are required to select a Primary Care Dentist (PCD)/Facility or Humana/CompBenefits will auto-assign one. Each family member can select a different PCD/Facility. PCD’s can be changed on a monthly basis, however, the change must be made by the 15th of the month to be effective the 1st of the following month.
Note: not all ADA (American Dental Assoc.) codes are covered under the DHMO plan. Services received for ADA codes not covered under the Discounted Fee Schedule are provided at a 25% discount. This plan does not include a “Missing Tooth” exclusion.
2018 DHMO Plan Rates
Deductions for Domestic Partner and/or Over Age Dependent (Child age 26-29 on 01/01/18) coverage will be split between pre- and after-tax deductions.
Employee $5.59
Emp+Spouse/DP $10.05
Emp+Child $11.18
Emp+Family $13.41


The Dental PPO Plan is offered by HumanaDental and has an extensive dental network with numerous dentists and specialists.
The annual maximum benefit is: $1,500 per person in-network and $1,000 per person out-of-network. Once the annual maximum has been reached, you will receive 30% coinsurance on preventive, basic, and major services for the rest of the plan year (implants and orthodontia excluded).
2018 PPO Plan Rates
Deductions for Domestic Partner and/or Over-Age Dependent (Child age 26-29 on 01/01/18) coverage will be split between Pre- and After-Tax deductions.
Locate a Provider?
Members can use Humana's Dentist Finder. Members will need to click on Find a Dentist and select the PPO, enter the zip code, select the network PPO/Traditional Preferred. 

Contact Information 
DHMO - CompBenefits
Humana PPO 
Dental Member Services - 800-233-4013
For the Certificate of Coverage and plan details, please visit: Humana Tools & Resources
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