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Insurance Plans for 2014
Open Enrollment 2014
Before You Log In to The Open Enrollment System
Logging In
Viewing/Updating Your Contact Information
Viewing/Updating Your Emergency Contacts
Viewing/Updating Life Insurance Beneficiary
Benefits Selections
Selecting Your Benefits Selections
Selecting Your Flexible Spending Accounts
Selecting Coverage For Your Dependents
Waiving Coverage for Your Dependents
Deleting Your Dependents
Reviewing/Printing Your Confirmation Statement
Resubmitting/Changing Your Enrollment
Logging Out
What Can I Do After Open Enrollment Closes?
Reviewing/Printing Your Confirmation Statement
Broward County > Benefits > Open Enrollment > Reviewing/Printing Your Confirmation Statement


Step 1 - Once you have submitted your enrollment, your 2014 Open Enrollment Confirmation Statement will open as a PDF file in a separate browser window. If you wish to print your confirmation statement, click the Print button in the browser window, and then click OK.

Note: If necessary, you can also save your confirmation statement as a PDF file.

Step 2 - If you wish to view your confirmation statement again, click the Review/Print Confirmation Statement button on the Confirmation screen.

Step 3 - If you are satisfied with your enrollment and you are finished, click Log Out and then close the window.