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United Healthcare to Replace Humana Effective January 1, 2017

In order to provide Broward County employees and their dependents with the best services and benefits, a determination to award the healthcare services contract to United Healthcare for 2017 has been reached. This decision was made after on-going issues with the network provider contracts through Humana.
United Healthcare Choice Plans will be the plans for the County effective January 1, 2017.  All plan designs remain the same including premiums, deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums. The HDHP Base Plan, CDH High and Low Plans will be administered through the UHC Choice Plan. The HDHP OON Plan will be administered through the UHC Choice Plus Plan.
All of these plans are on the UHC National Network and include hospital networks such as Baptist, Tenet, Holy Cross, HCA, Memorial, Broward Health and more. Most of the providers from the Humana networks are also in the United Healthcare network. However, it is important that you verify your provider accepts UHC prior to services being rendered. This is particularly important for anyone with services scheduled in January 2017. For any prescheduled procedures, tests or treatments in January, please complete a Continuity of Care form and send to UHC. Instructions and Form​ HERE

What Do I Need to Do​

Due to the excellent response rate of Broward County employees during Open Enrollment, the transition to United Healthcare will be able to take place seamlessly. All employees will be automatically enrolled in the plan they chose during Open Enrollment. 

What If I Want to Change Plans

Anyone who would like to change plans, enroll or drop coverage, may do so during this Special Open Enrollment session from December 6th through 12th.  Otherwise, you will be enrolled in the plan chosen during Open Enrollment.
Changing plans is a simple procedure for this Special Open Enrollment session. Simply print a copy of your last confirmation statement, LINK HERE​, write in the Choice Plan you wish to change to and FAX the statement to Employee Benefits at FAX 954-728-2777. You can also email the statement or send an email clearly stating which plan you wish to change to Benefits@Broward.org. Benefits MUST receive this statement or email with your selection NO LATER than 5PM on December 12, 2017.
​​HDHP Base Plan HMO -​ ​HDHP Choice Base Plan
​HDHP Out of Network Plan NPOS ​- ​HDHP Choice PLUS In/Out of Network Plan
​CDH Low Plan HMO ​- ​CDH Choice Low Plan
​CDH High Plan HMO ​- ​CDH Choice High Plan
Due to the timeframe to complete the transition, special presentations are scheduled December 5th - 12th, to allow employees to attend and have questions answered. Please review the schedule below and attend for more information. Information is also posted on Broward.org/Benefits and BrowardEmployee.org.
PLEASE NOTE – No action is required by any employee that wishes to remain in the plan type chosen during Open Enrollment. You will be automatically enrolled in the plan you chose during Open Enrollment. Only those wishing to change plans will need to complete the form and/or contact Employee Benefits. ​

When Will Insurance Cards Be Issued

New insurance cards will be issued to all enrolled employees with dependents listed on the card by early January 2017. You can also download the UHC app - Health4Me - from the App​ Store or Google Play and set up your account (after January 1st) and you will have access to an electronic version of your card.
Additional Information
To assist you and your dependents to make the easiest transition to United Healthcare and continue with your healthcare needs, here is a checklist of items that should assist you:
  • Check that your Provider is a member of the UHC Choice Network. Go to UHC.com and use the provider lookup tool for the Choice Plan you selected. 
  • Log on to MyUHC.com after January 1, 2017 and set up your user account.
  • Download the Health4Me app. See Health4Me flyer​.
  • Provide your new insurance card BEFORE any services or procedures. 
  • For any prescheduled procedures, tests or treatments in January, please complete a Continuity of Care form and send to UHC. Instructions and Form.
For assistance, contact Human Resources, Employee Benefit Services at benefits@broward.org or 954-357-6700.
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