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Insurance Plans for 2014
Open Enrollment 2014
Before You Log In to The Open Enrollment System
Logging In
Viewing/Updating Your Contact Information
Viewing/Updating Your Emergency Contacts
Viewing/Updating Life Insurance Beneficiary
Benefits Selections
Selecting Your Benefits Selections
Selecting Your Flexible Spending Accounts
Selecting Coverage For Your Dependents
Waiving Coverage for Your Dependents
Deleting Your Dependents
Reviewing/Printing Your Confirmation Statement
Resubmitting/Changing Your Enrollment
Logging Out
What Can I Do After Open Enrollment Closes?
Logging In


You will need to log in to the Open Enrollment 2014 system to complete your enrollment coverage.

From inside the County network:

Step 1 - Open your browser and type BC-Net in the address bar.

Step 2 - Click Open Enrollment 2014 from the Hot Picks section.

From outside the County network:

Step 1 - Open your browser and type in the address bar.

Step 2 - Read the information on the screen and then click the I Acknowledge the Employee Statement button.

Step 3 - Enter your Active Directory credentials and employee number and then click Log In.
Once you have logged in successfully, the Update Contact Information screen is displayed.

Need Help Logging In?
Contact the ETS Service Desk: 954.357.8600, Monday - Friday from 7:30am - 5:30pm if you are having difficulty logging in. After hours, limited support will be available at this phone number.