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Open Enrollment
Your Benefits & You
Smoking Cessation Assistance
Pharmacy Provider
Legal Insurance
Life Insurance
Long Term Care
Long Term Disability
Member Service Contacts
Take Care Clinic Listing
Vision Plan
Flexible Spending Accounts
Health Plan - CDH
Your Benefits & You
Section I - Employee Agreement
Section II - Eligibility and Documentation Requirements
Section III - Pre-Tax Health, Dental, Vision and FSA Plans
Section III - Health Insurance - Humana Inc.
Section III - Pharmacy Rx Plan - Catamaran (Formerly Catalyst RX)
Section III - Dental Insurance
Section IV - After-Tax Supplemental Plans
Section V - Well-Being Programs
Section VI - Deferred Compensation and Retirement Plans
Section VII- Notices
Section III - Vision Insurance
After-Tax Plans
Life Insurance
Long Term Care
Long Term Disability
Personal Income Protection Plans
Health Reimbursement Account
Are You Ready for Hurricane Season?
COBRA and Retiree Information
Common Questions Asked About Health Insurance
Section III - Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)
How to Find Information on Your Benefits Plan
Dental Plan - DHMO
Dental Plan - PPO
Benefit Updates
Donated Leave
Morpace Survey
HealthCare Reform
Health Plan - HDHP
Health Savings Account
Wellness Incentive - Pharmacy Waiver program
Special Open Enrollment
Notice of Privacy Practices
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Insurance Plans for 2014
Open Enrollment 2014
Before You Log In to The Open Enrollment System
Logging In
Viewing/Updating Your Contact Information
Viewing/Updating Your Emergency Contacts
Viewing/Updating Life Insurance Beneficiary
Benefits Selections
Selecting Your Benefits Selections
Selecting Your Flexible Spending Accounts
Selecting Coverage For Your Dependents
Waiving Coverage for Your Dependents
Deleting Your Dependents
Reviewing/Printing Your Confirmation Statement
Resubmitting/Changing Your Enrollment
Logging Out
What Can I Do After Open Enrollment Closes?
Viewing/Updating Your Contact Information
Broward County > Benefits > Open Enrollment > Viewing/Updating Your Contact Information

Viewing/Updating Contact Information screen


Viewing Your Information

If the information on the screen is correct, click Save and Continue to proceed to the next screen. 

Updating Your Information

Step 1 - Click on the appropriate field to make the necessary changes.

Step 2 - Click Save and Continue to proceed to the next screen.