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Open Enrollment 2015
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Waiving Coverage for Your Dependents
Broward County > Benefits > Open Enrollment > Waiving Coverage for Your Dependents


The Open Enrollment system allows you to view all the dependents that you enrolled the previous year. If you wish to continue coverage for your current dependents, you must enroll your dependents again this year for each type of coverage.

Every year the system clears all coverage selections for all dependents, regardless of what coverage you had selected for your dependent for the previous year. In other words, the system sets the coverage for health, dental, and vision to “No” for all dependents. If you wish to select coverage for your dependent(s), you will need to select each dependent and change the coverage option to “Yes”.

Coverage availability for dependents is restricted to the employee’s selections. At least one type of coverage is required by the employee in order to enroll dependents.

Note: Federal regulations require that Broward County plans have a dependent’s Social Security number on record. Your dependent will not be covered under the plans unless you provide the plan with his or her Social Security number. If your dependent is not a citizen of the United States or is a newborn, enter 9 zeros (000-00-0000) for the social security number.

Claiming No Dependents

Step 1 - Click No Dependents.

Step 2 - Click Submit Enrollment. Your 2014 Open Enrollment Confirmation Statement appears in separate browser.

Step 3 - Proceed to Reviewing/Printing Your Confirmation Statement on the left navigation pane to review and/or print your confirmation statement.