Broward County Human Resources Benefits

Welcome to Your New Benefits Website

We are happy to introduce our new and improved website. This site is designed to allow you to find the information you need. 
We are UPDATING this site daily. If some links are not working please politely send an email to so it can be updated. We appreciate when everyone assists to make this site better.

Please look around and visit often.  

October Brings the Start of the Season!

Open Enrollment Season is here. Begins October 19th.

This year Open Enrollment (OE) begins at 8 am on October 19th but you will NOT be getting the packet that has been handed out in the past on the morning of October 19th. The County is going GREEN, so instead you can check out the OE website that will have all the information you need to review. MORE importantly there are schedules of presentations and Vendor Fairs that will give you and your family the opportunity to attend and learn about your benefits. Even after hours!
Many of the informational pieces will be posted as they become available for you to review prior to October 19th as it becomes available from the providers.
You can also receive documentation from the vendors directly at all OE Vendor Fairs. Additionally, you can schedule your HumanaVitality check during the Vendor Fairs as well. Select Open Enrollment to enter the website and look around, select the presentation you wish to attend or schedule your Vitality check.

Please contact Employee Benefit Services at 954-357-6700 or e-mail for additional information.


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