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Wellness Events You Don't Want to Miss!

Employee Benefits is hosting several Deferred Compensation sessions as well as the UnitedHealthcare Rally Tour this month, none of which you want to miss. Learn about features and benefits that are available to help plan for retirement by attending one of the many sessions offered. The County offers a varied selection of investment choices through three deferred compensation vendors and you can schedule a 1-on-1 appointment HERE​


Want to learn about UnitedHealthcare Rally and the Reward Program to earn gift cards? 

If you have the County insurance with UHC, be sure to sign up for the UHC Rally Tour and learn how to maximize Rally for your health and wellbeing AND to get rewarded with gift cards for participating in WellBeing events. This is the exciting new program that everyone is talking about. Register HERE​ on the Event Schedule for the date and time nearest you. The UHC Rally Tour will run from May 15th through June 30th with locations added as the sessions fill up. You MUST register as seating is limited at most locations. If a session you wanted to attend is “closed out” already, no worries; you can attend at any location unless indicated due to security. Also we will add locations depending on demand and if you want the tour to come to your location, contact Linda Duffy in Benefits, by June 15th to get one scheduled. 


AngioScreens Return to Broward County
 ​Prevention:  The First Step to Better Health
Broward County Government Proudly Presents AngioScreen for Stroke Month!!
The Problem:  Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the most prevalent and costly chronic disease in America. Heart attacks and strokes kill nearly as many as all the other causes of death combined. About 1/2 of heart attacks and 1/3 of strokes are NOT fatal. The lifetime cost of treating the survivors averages from $100,000 to $140,000 each. Conventional biometric screenings require 8-12 hour fasts and blood draws, which alienate many people. Even for those that get the conventional screening, checks for cholesterol and blood pressure can still miss up to half of the potential victims of heart attack and stroke.
The Solution: AngioScreen® is a 10 minute, on-site screening that requires no preparation or blood-work and costs little more than the conventional biometric screenings. It provides the best known tests for detecting vascular disease, the leading cause of heart attacks and strokes, and it instantly provides a highly engaging written and digital visual report!  Participants can see what the lining of their arteries look like in an instant one page report. The testing is mobile, noninvasive, involves no radiation and no needles!!
AngioScreen® includes the following studies for only $50:
1.  Carotid Artery Ultrasound  
2.  Peak Systolic Velocity (speed of blood flow in carotid arteries)
3.  Ankle Brachial Index (Peripheral Artery Disease test for blockages in legs)
4.  Blood Pressure in both Arms
5.  Body Mass Index (BMI)
6.  Heart Rhythm & Pulse (EKG)
7. Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Scan ($30 additional)
Participants will receive the following materials at completion of the AngioScreen®:
1.  8.5" x 11" glossy color photo personal report and a digital format of printout (PDF file)
3.  4-page educational piece detailing individual studies
4.  Instant Results & Consultation
5.  Two-pocket color AngioScreen® folder housing contents from screening

Broward County Government offers AngioScreen for Stroke Month!

Screenings only $50!  (Abdominal Aorta screening additional $30)PayFlex, Cash, check, or credit card accepted on site for payment. Instant Results and Consultation!! Annual Screenings Save Lives!!
To schedule your AngioScreen appointment click/visit the link below for your location.
May 16th at Governmental Center – click or visit link below
May 25th at Government Center West – click or visit link below



Engagement Incentive

In recognition of the importance of annual preventive screenings, the County has continued the Engagement Incentive for 2017.

To receive the County-funding for the Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) or Health Savings Account (HSA), all enrolled employees and enrolled spouses / registered domestic partners (DP) who have not already completed a wellbeing event prior to Oct. 31, 2016, must complete and submit the 2017 ENGAGEMENT INCENTIVE AFFIDAVIT by March 31, 2017.​

The Engagement Incentive requires completion of any one of the following wellbeing events:

    • ​Annual preventive physical
    • Annual Well-woman exam
    • Annual Well-man exam (PSA screen)
    • Preventive Mammogram for women
    • Preventive Colonoscopy for those over 50
In lieu of the above, a Biometric screening (fingerstick screen) AND completion of the Rally Health Survey can be used as completing the Engagement Incentive. The biometric screen can be completed by selecting the QUEST LAB Biometric Screen​​ link and using either option on the site. The first time you register on their site, you will need to enter the registration key: browardcounty2017.

Options are scheduling an appointment at a Quest Diagnostic​ Lab or Printing the prepopulated Physician/Provider Form and taking it to any UHC in-network provider.

(Please Note: This form has Quests' Logo on it, HOWEVER, you can take this form to any in-network UHC provider that does biometric screens, i.e. Walgreens Clinic, CVS Minute Clinic, etc.)

This biometric screen is no cost to enrolled employees and their enrolled spouses/domestic partners providing you use the form (replaces voucher) and do not discuss any other treatments with the participating provider.

The Rally Health Survey is located at​​. This must also be completed as part of your Engagement Incentive. Once both items have been completed, you will need to fill out and turn in the 2017 ENGAGEMENT INCENTIVE AFFIDAVIT by March 31, 2017.​