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Broward County > Benefits > Donated Leave

The County's Donated Leave program allows benefit eligible employees, who meet certain criteria, donate a portion of their accrued annual leave and sick leave to other qualified employees who have exhausted their own leave.



Annual leave may be donated/received in the event of a non-worker's compensation serious illness or injury requiring surgery or hospitalization of an :

  • Employee,
  • Employee's child, stepchild (if domiciled in the employee's household)
  • Parent,
  • Spouse/Domestic partner, or
  • Child dependent
Sick leave may be donated/received in the event of an extended serious illness or injury of an employee only.

 **Approval for illnesses/injuries will be based on review of medical documentation**  

Recipients: Approved recipients of donated leave must have exhausted all available and applicable paid leave including:

  • Accrued sick leave
  • Annual leave
  • Job basis leave
  • Compensatory time
  • Personal days

As a prerequisite for applying for Donated Leave, recipients must be on approved FMLA leave or have exhausted all FMLA leave available to them. The Donated Leave program does not cover all illnesses, injuries, or health conditions covered by FMLA.

Donors: Employees who would like to voluntarily donate a portion of their acrrued annual/sick leave will need to complete the Donated Leave form. Employees:

  • may give a maximum of 80 hours of sick leave per calendar year
  • may give a maximum of 80 hours of annual leave per calendar year
  • must have a remaining balance of 160 hours to donate sick leave
  • must have a remaining balance of 80 hours to donate annual leave

Application forms are also available on the BC-Net under the Forms Tab, Human Resources, and Employee Benefit Services. Contact Employee Benefit Services for information about donating or receiving donated leave.