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Effective October 1, 2013, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) requires all employers to provide employees with written notice regarding the new Health Insurance Marketplace (also known as the Health Insurance Exchange).

The Notice provides information on the minimum value coverage, premium tax credit, and possible cost-sharing along with advising you that our health coverage meets the minimum value requirement. You are not required to take any action; the notice is for informational purposes.


Part A: General Information

 - Part B: Information about Health Coverage offered by your Employer

 - Broward County Notice to all newly hire or newly benefit, eligible employees

The Notice addresses the Waiver Credit that is provided to benefit-eligible employees who waive the County's medical coverage. If you are in a benefit-eligible position and choose to purchase a plan through the Marketplace instead of the County, you will lose the County subsidy for the health plan offered by the County, and will not be eligible for the Waiver Credit.

We encourage our employees to make informed decisions when purchasing health coverage. Please feel free to contact Employee Benefit Services at 954-357-6700 or e-mail or visit the Federal Government's for more information about the Health Insurance Marketplace.