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WageWorks Health Care card
The County-funded Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) is an important component of the Consumer Driven Healthplan design as it can be used to offset copays, deductible and co-insurance incurred under the health plan and pharmacy plan. (Special rules apply if enrolled in a Flexible Spending Account, see Your Benefits & You book for details.)

Some of the key features of the Health Reimbursement Account:

  • The County funds an annual HRA amount based on a tier of coverage enrolled and is prorated for new hires and newly benefit eligible employees based on month effective in plan

Annual HRA Allocation

 Tier of Health Coverage Annual Amount
 Employee Only $600
 Employee + Spouse $1,350
 Employee + Children $1,350
 Employee + Family $1,600

  • HRA comes with one WageWorks Health Care card issued in the employee’s name.
  • Additional cards may be requested by calling WageWorks or via online; however, additional cards will be issued in the name of the dependent(s)
  • Balances become vested based on type of separation of employment. For vesting schedule, please see Your Benefits & You book for more details
  • Per IRS rules, Domestic Partners, children of Domestic Partners and Over Age Dependents (age 26-30) are not eligible to participate in the HRA. The HRA will be adjusted to the next lowest tier of coverage. See Your Benefits & You book for more details
  • Unused balances rollover into the next year and can be used for current year or prior year expenses

Using Your HRA
If your health provider accepts Visa, you can conveniently pay your copay or deductible/co-insurance with your WageWorks Health Care card instead of using money out of your pocket. Simply swipe the card as “credit,” not debit. Any “pre-set” copay, such as a Primary Care Physician copay or a specialist copay on the CDH High plan, do not require you to submit any additional back up documentation. However, if the amount you are asked to pay is not one of the plan’s “preset” copays, such as a deductible or co-insurance, you will be able to use your WageWorks Health Care card, but you will also be required to follow up and send documentation to WageWorks such as an itemized bill/receipt or your Explanation of Benefits (EOB) per IRS rules.

Traditional paper claims can be submitted for reimbursement instead of using the Visa card. WageWorks has a convenient mobile app, EZ Receipts, that allows you to file and manage your reimbursement claims paperwork on the spot. Download the app from WageWorks. You can pay many of your eligible health care and dependent care expenses directly from your HRA or FSA account with no need to fill out paper forms.

Expenses Not Eligible Under the HRA

  • Prescriptions purchased at your doctor’s office instead of the pharmacy
  • Convenience fees for blood draws at your physician’s office
  • Charges for a physician to complete paperwork or copy files
  • Dental expenses
  • Vision expenses

Important Forms
- WageWorks HRA Claim Form (keyboard enterable pdf)

Contact Information
Member Services, 855-428-0446
Visit WageWorks


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