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U.S. Legal logoThe prepaid legal plan provides benefits for pre-paid legal services
for employees and eligible dependents. The plan allows participants to select an attorney from those affiliated with the plan in South Florida or select an attorney out of network. Please understand that:

  • If using an affiliated attorney, bills are handled by the insurance company with no deductible or co-payment.
  • If using an out of network attorney, employees can be reimbursed for covered services, however, subject to the plan's limitations.

Coverage Information
You should know the following about this insurance option:

  • This insurance is available to benefit-eligible employees, their spouse/domestic partner and child dependents, up to age 26, of the employee or their spouse/domestic partner.
  • This is a group plan, so coverage can be converted when employment ends, but with different plan benefits and rates. Coverage ends on the date of separation/retirement unless it is converted to an individual policy by contacting U.S. Legal Services.

New Eligibility Rules - Effective April 1, 2013

  • Newly benefit-eligible employees: Can enroll during their eligibility period
  • Currently enrolled employees: Can cancel at any time
  • Enroll/Re-enroll: Can enroll/re-enroll during the Annual Open Enrollment for January 1.

Contact Information
Phone: 1-800-356-5297
Visit U.S. Legal