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CNA logoLong Term Care coverage assists with the cost of providing help for individuals who can no longer care for themselves on a daily basis because of a long-lasting disability or a cognitive illness, e.g., Alzheimer’s disease, or who simply need assistance in managing daily living activities such as bathing or dressing.

LTC applies to care provided in nursing homes and to eligible care provided at home or in the community, i.e., home health aides or visiting nurses, etc.

The plan offers two plan types: 

Base Plan

Base Plan with Automatic Benefit Increase Inflation Protection

Fixed daily benefit amount ranging from $100 to $150. Upon completion of your third anniversary as a participant in the plan you will be able to increase your maximum daily benefit amount.

The automatic inflation benefit feature automatically increases the amount of your daily nursing home and home health care benefits each year by 5% of the prior year’s amount for life.

Important Information

  • If issued to a new hire, this insurance is “guaranteed issue.”
  • Benefit-eligible employees can apply for coverage at any time, but after their initial eligibility period, approval of coverage is subject to medical underwriting. After such eligibility period, coverage will go into effect when we receive approval from CNA following the medical underwriting process. No benefits for coverage will be paid until coverage is approved. When CNA approves the coverage, we will begin payroll deduction of premiums.
  • This insurance is available to benefit-eligible employees and extended family (spouse/registered domestic partner, parents, and grandparents)
  • Premiums for the employee and spouse/domestic partner can be paid through a payroll deduction or through direct bill from CNA.
  • All other dependents will be directly billed by CNA on a quarterly basis.

Coverage ends on the date of separation/retirement. As this is an individual plan, not a group plan, coverage can be continued when employment ends with no change in rates and benefits.

Contact Information
Member Services: 877-777-9072
Fax: 877-914-2358
Visit Long Term Care (password is Broward)