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Effective December 31, 2014 AFLAC coverage will no longer be offered through the County’s benefit plans. Similar coverage will be offered by Allstate Benefits during a special open enrollment period from December 1 through December 17, 2014.

Employees currently enrolled in AFLAC through the County benefit plans (deduction on pay voucher titled “AFLAC”) will have deductions taken out through the pay date of December 26, 2014.  Deductions will not be taken out starting with the pay date of January 9, 2015.  Members who want to continue their AFLAC coverage should contact AFLAC to arrange for direct pay through their bank account.

Employees currently enrolled in AFLAC through a union deduction slot (does not have a deduction titled “AFLAC” on their pay voucher) may continue to have AFLAC deductions taken out of their paycheck.



AFLAC offers personal income protection plans and supplemental insurances. This insurance plan pays benefits for specified medical conditions, treatments and screenings in addition to benefits provided by the health insurance options. You should know the following:

  • This insurance is available to benefit-eligible employees, their spouses/domestic partners and child dependents, up to age 19 (if a full-time student age 25), of the employee or their spouse/domestic partner
  • Coverage is subject to medical underwriting

This is an individual plan, not a group plan, so coverage can be continued when employment ends with identical coverage and rates.  To continue coverage after employment, please contact our Regional Sales Coordinator, Al Zingales.

If you would like an AFLAC insurance packet, you can contact Employee Benefits at 954-357-6700 or e-mail to request one.

Contact Information
Al Zingales, Regional Sales Coordinator
Office: 954-474-4108
Fax: 954-474-4305