Deferred Compensation
Saving for your future can be as easy as setting up a payroll deduction of $25 a paycheck into a Deferred Compensation Account. Deferred compensation reduces your taxable income as it is deducted on a pre-tax basis and earnings accumulate on a tax deferred basis. The County offers a varied selection of investment choices through three deferred compensation vendors:
Beginning Time(s)

ICMA Deferred Comp
Transit Ravenswood Training Room
5440 Ravenswood Rd
Dania Beach

Transit Ravenswood

​12PM to 2PM - Presentations
2-5PM Appts


Nationwide Deferred Comp
Mass Transit Division
3201 W. Copans Rd
Pompano Beach, FL​

Transit Copans

​12 - 2pm Presentations
2- 5PM for Appts


Nationwide Deferred Comp
Governmental Center
115 S. Andrews Ave
Fort Lauderdale, FL​

GC Room 302

​1PM -Presentation
2-5PM for Appts


Brighthouse Deferred Comp
Aviation Administration Cabot Building
2200 SW 45th St
Dania Beach​

Cabot Building

​12 - 2PM Presentations
2 - 5 PM Appts


ICMA Deferred Comp
Mills Center Family Success
900 NW 31st St
Ft Lauderdale

Mills Center CR 1-14

​12PM to 2PM Presentations
2 - 5 PM for Appts


​Brighthouse Deferred Comp
Elderly & Veterans Services
2995 North Dixie Hwy
Oakland Park, FL​

Elderly & Vets Services

​12 - 2PM - Presentations
1-on-1 appts 2-5PM

Contact Payroll at or 954-357-7190 to request an enrollment packet.
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