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Section I - Employee Agreement
Section II - Eligibility and Documentation Requirements
Section III - Pre-Tax Health, Dental, Vision and FSA Plans
Section IV - After-Tax Supplemental Plans
Section V - Well-Being Programs
Section VI - Deferred Compensation and Retirement Plans
Section VII- Notices
Analytical/Strategic Planning Courses


Critical Thinking Fundamentals

This course introduces the foundations of critical thinking that enhances your abilities to use logic and reasoning in daily work environments. You will discover how cognitive skills support critical thinking and how intellectual standards ensure thinking is fair, unbiased and objective in nature. The program provides opportunity for practical application in County work situations. It is recommended for employees who have an interest in discovery and positive inquiry.

Competency: Analytical/Strategic Planning
Course Length: 7.0 hrs.
Learning Objectives:

  • Apply critical thinking skills through positive delivery
  • Assess individual cognitive skills and dispositions
  • Utilize critical thinking in daily work interactions

Audience: Professional staff with a baseline skill of analysis, interpretation, evaluation and hypothesizing

Delivery: Lecture, facilitated discussion, individual activity and small group exercises

Effective Time Management

Personal time management skills are essential for professional success in any workplace. Those able to successfully implement time management strategies are able to control their workload rather than spending each day in a frenzyof activity reacting to crisis after crisis. Stress declines and personal productivity soars. Highly effective individuals are able to focus on the tasks that have the greatest impact on all involved.

Competency: Analytical/Strategic Planning
Course Length: 3.5 hrs.
Learning Objectives:

  • Identify causes of procrastination and indecision
  • Pinpoint personal time-wasters
  • Increase your concentration and focus

Audience: Open to All
Delivery: Personal profile, lecture, discussion, exercises

Reliable Decision Making

Whether you’re making simple or complex decisions, having better decision-making skills can be beneficial. This program concentrates on how to make decisions that “sit” well and reap results. While the primary focus of this course is making workplace related decisions, the same techniques can be used to make personal decisions as well. Participants will learn about the biggest barriers to effective decisions and how to avoid them.

Competency: Analytical/Strategic Planning
Course Length: 3.5 hrs.
Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize the three most commonly used decision-making techniques
  • Develop and reach conclusions through feedback utilization
  • Understand how to capitalize on diversity and conflict
  • Assist your group in making better decisions
  • Manage groups to avoid group-think

Audience: Supervisors/Managers
Delivery: Lecture, self-assessment, exercises, discussion, skills practice

Six Thinking Hats: A Collaborative Approach to Problem Solving

This course introduces an essential approach to business management. It separates and redirects thinking into six distinct modes. By understanding and clearly defining the different parts of the thinking process you will improve productivity and focus.

Competency: Analytical/Strategic Planning
Course Length: 3.5 hrs.
Learning Objectives:

  • Practice “parallel thinking” and how it reduces conflict in brainstorming while increasing collaboration
  • Develop a systematic approach to effective idea generation, engaging dialog, and decision making
  • Understand how to use the “hat” approach to make meetings more productive

Audience: Team leaders and members
Delivery: Discussion, action plans

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