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Section I - Employee Agreement
Section II - Eligibility and Documentation Requirements
Section III - Pre-Tax Health, Dental, Vision and FSA Plans
Section IV - After-Tax Supplemental Plans
Section V - Well-Being Programs
Section VI - Deferred Compensation and Retirement Plans
Section VII- Notices
Customer Focus Courses


Communication with Difficult Customers

This interactive course is designed to help you understand the ABC’s of customer relationships and develop a plan for interacting with difficult customers using enhanced communication skills.

Competency: Customer Focus
Course Length: 3.5 hrs.
Learning Objectives:

  • Deal effectively with angry, complaining or confused customers
  • Manage personal responses better
  • Manage emotions that arise from difficult conversations

Audience: Open to All
Delivery: Discussion activities, case scenarios

SUNsational Service®

This fast-paced interactive course will help you reach your goal of outstanding service for every citizen and visitor in Broward County. This course is mandatory for all employees in their first year of service to Broward County.

Competency: Customer Focus
Course Length: 3.5 hrs.
Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize and demonstrate the “10 Standards of Customer Service Excellence”
  • Recognize your role in the customer/provider interaction
  • Review the many ways a positive attitude affects customer/provider interactions

Audience: Open to All
Delivery: Video, discussion, activities, role play

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