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Section I - Employee Agreement
Section II - Eligibility and Documentation Requirements
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Section IV - After-Tax Supplemental Plans
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Leadership Courses


Ahead of the Tide: Leading Employees Through Change

Accepting change as a County employee is one thing; influencing others to gain acceptance is an entirely different skill set! As a supervisor, manager or team leader, action and commitment to make change happen are critical. Often change is initiated at a higher level and passed on to you for implementation. This course assesses your leadership abilities in how you manage employees through change. Gain insight on how to create a positive change environment where employees are change-friendly, and successful implementation comes sooner rather than later.

Competency: Leadership
Course Length: 3.5 hrs.
Learning Objectives:

  • Actively manage resistance to change
  • Identify six qualities supervisors should develop in employees that contribute to a positive change experience
  • Analyze employees’ personal journeys through the change process

Audience: Team Leaders, supervisors, and managers
Delivery: Facilitated discussion, self-assessment, peer coaching and small group exercises

Behind Every Great Leader: Tapping Into Your Greatest Asset

How do you manage to get to “top performance”? What are the key actions you can take to foster and demonstrate collaborative effort? The skills and knowledge to get to top performance are surprisingly basic…the challenge is in executing them consistently. This interactive course includes a road map for modeling collaboration, worksheets to support a consistent focus on effective group work, and five techniques to counteract common causes of team ineffectiveness.

Competency: Leadership
Course Length: 3.5 hrs.
Learning Objectives:

  • Determine the differences between groups and teams
  • Distinguish between the key behaviors of collaboration vs. encouragement
  • Recognize and redirect counterproductive behaviors exhibited by team members

Audience: Supervisors/Managers
Delivery: Lecture, discussion, exercises

FastForward: Gateway to County Management – NEW 2014

FastForward has been redesigned to accelerate learning for new County managers. It provides skills to empower County managers with knowledge and equip them to make the best use of all the County resources available to them. It is a manager’s orientation to Broward County culture, policies, and management practices – critical whether you have been promoted from within or hired from outside the organization.

Competency: Leadership
Course Length: 32 hrs. (Eight 3.5 hr. classroom sessions and 4 hrs. of on-the-job assignments)
Learning Objectives:

  • Navigate the organization’s chain of communication by understanding positions, “ranks” and lines of authority
  • Interact tactfully with others when managing internal conflicts among co-workers and external complaints
  • Review County-specific policies in relation to: Human Resources, Purchasing, Budgeting and Media Relations
  • Explore the most current innovations being implemented throughout the County and department specific

Audience: Manager level and above
Delivery: Self-assessment, small group and pair activities, large group discussion, lecture, skills practice, role play

Leading with Influence

One of the biggest career moves an individual makes is going from superstar to supervisor. And, although it is a monumental shift in the way an individual works, it is often overlooked. This course helps smooth the transition into management. It examines leadership characteristics and teaches a better understanding of the impact positive and negative behaviors have in the workplace. How to overcome obstacles in the supervisory role and build goal setting are discussed.

Competency: Leadership
Course Length: 3.5 hrs.
Learning Objectives:

  • Establish personal leadership principles
  • Identify barriers to overcome when shifting from superstar to supervisor
  • Create an action plan based on a positive approach to furthering managerial goals

Audience: Employees aspiring to be or new in management
Delivery: Discussion, breakouts, action plans

Positive Start Flex –

Supervising at the County requires the ability to communicate, motivate, manage change, build teams and apply County-specific policies and procedures. This flexible course delivery provides new supervisors with an understanding of the skills necessary to be effective within the County culture and allows them to participate in the program based on their work schedules. During the initial 21 hours of classroom instruction, participants have an opportunity to meet other new supervisors and exchange knowledge, experience and expertise.

Competency: Leadership
Course Length: 21+ hrs. classroom sessions (3 full days) and 6-12 hrs. of
online or classroom instruction
Learning Objectives:

  • Develop effective communication skills
  • Understand and apply key County policies, procedures, rules and regulations
  • Know and apply legal human resource practice
  • Experience a variety of learning methodologies

Audience: Supervisors
Delivery: Lecture, DVD, discussion

The Encouraging Leader

This course illustrates the importance of employee recognition and the types of rewards leaders can give to truly motivate top performance. Many people assume that money is the way to motivate others but this course offers other approaches. It explores real-life examples of managers helping others believe in themselves, celebrating their uniqueness and discovering their own value.

Competency: Leadership
Course Length: 3.5 hrs.
Learning Objectives:

  • Understand why it is important to find time for employee recognition
  • Learn how appreciation mobilizes people to excel
  • Realize the benefits of celebrating both individual and group achievements

Audience: Supervisors/Managers
Delivery: Lecture, video, small group exercises, discussion

The Leadership Challenge

Research done by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner proves that successful leaders exist in all shapes, sizes, genders, nationalities and roles within organizations. The use of certain exemplary leadership practices, the only requirements for success, is addressed in this course.

Competency: Leadership
Course Length: 3.5 hrs.
Learning Objectives:

  • Name five practices of exemplary leadership
  • Understand 10 commitments of exemplary leadership
  • Outline specific actions that can be taken in line with these practices and commitments to move current projects forward

Audience: Open to All
Delivery: Video, discussion, action plans

The Manager’s Journey®: Skills for Today’s Leaders

This course is targeted to experienced supervisors and new managers and provides practical learning methodologies designed for the advanced learner. The scenario-based design introduces advanced skills related to political astuteness, creative performance plans, ethical decision making, individual motivational strategies and more!

Competency: Leadership
Course Length: 25 hrs. (Six 3.5 hr. classroom sessions and 4 hrs. on-the-job application)
Learning Objectives:

  • Identify employee and management expectations for new managers
  • Establish individual work habits to foster efficient and organized practices
  • Apply four fundamental written communication guidelines to everyday documentation
  • Present disappointing information to challenging groups
  • Manage predisciplinary employee discussions
  • Apply a motivational model that will enhance individual potential

Audience: Managers, supervisors, Positive Start Flex graduates
Delivery: Lecture, self-assessments, small and large group activities, role play, skills practice, discussion, peer evaluation, job aids

The Supervisor’s Apprenticeship®: Skills for Rising Leaders

Highly skilled workers are often promoted ‘up the ladder’ into semi-supervisory positions in recognition of their hard work and technical expertise, without receiving an opportunity to develop specific talents that will be of strategic importance. This competency-based course is offered to individuals targeted as potential future supervisors and prepares novice leaders by positioning them for a move into a supervisory function.

Competency: Leadership
Course Length: 30 hrs. (Six 3.5 hr. classroom sessions and 9 hrs. on-the-job application)
Learning Objectives:

  • Assess individual leadership skills
  • Initiate action to work effectively with others without a formal line of authority
  • Establish efficient work habits and delegate effectively
  • Communicate ideas effectively to individuals and groups
  • Provide constructive feedback
  • Interact tactfully with others when managing internal conflicts
  • Identify legal and illegal interview questions and practices
  • Apply ethical decision making to daily interactions

Audience: Lead workers, librarian in charge, administrative assistants, aspiring staff
Delivery: Self-assessment, small group and pair activities, large group discussion, lecture, skills practice, role play, discussion and job aids

Toeing the Line: Just-in-Time Training for New Supervisors

This course addresses the needs of the new supervisor, specifically transitioning from being on the frontline to managing others. Often these individuals are well versed in the technical line of work but have limited skills in motivating, delegating, and communicating. Mastering these skills helps smooth the transition and assists in leadership success.

Competency: Leadership
Course Length: 3.5 hrs.
Learning Objectives:

  • Enhance communication skills
  • Recognize individual supervisory strengths
  • Identify motivational challenges and how to overcome them

Audience: Lead employees, new or potential supervisors
Delivery: Lecture, small group and pair exercises, role play

Working in Teams

Successful team leaders reach their results through and with the other members on the team. This program highlights the most critical aspects of working on a team. It is designed to introduce members of a team to the basic components that make the participants successful. The exercises are designed to complement and highlight the seven keys that make a team work more effectively.

Competency: Leadership
Course Length: 3.5 hrs.
Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the difference between groups and teams
  • Identify the seven key components of a team
  • Learn how your individual style affects the team
  • Create a strategy for enhancing your team

Audience: Positive Start Flex participants, team leaders, supervisors and managers
Delivery: Individual exercises, small/large group activities, discussion, role play, job aids

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