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Section I - Employee Agreement
Section II - Eligibility and Documentation Requirements
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Section IV - After-Tax Supplemental Plans
Section V - Well-Being Programs
Section VI - Deferred Compensation and Retirement Plans
Section VII- Notices
Results Focus Courses


Accountability that Works

High performance work cannot be accomplished without accountability at all levels. Success and failure of initiatives requires accountability. Investment in this course will help apply a new constructive definition of what accountability, responsibility and empowerment mean in the workplace today. It evaluates mindsets and teaches strategies to get past the blame game! This program is designed to equip leaders at all levels of Broward County Government with ways to hold themselves and others accountable in a way that minimizes conflict and encourages performance excellence.

Competency: Results Focus
Course Length: 3.5 hrs.
Learning Objectives:

  • Create a method to increase the workforce accountability to leaders and vice versa
  • Identify barriers to staying accountable
  • Learn to make and manage clear performance agreements with others

Audience: Supervisors - AM Open to All - PM
Delivery: Discussion, activities

Inspiring Performance

Leaders realize that they cannot get their jobs done alone. They rely on others to fully perform their responsibilities. As a result, effective leaders use this knowledge to influence and even inspire the performance of others. This workshop was designed to show leaders how to establish expectations up front, observe actions, provide WIN-WIN feedback and assist their team or others to adapt their behavior and improve results.

Competency: Results Focus
Course Length: 3.5 hrs.
Learning Objectives:

  • Establish and clearly communicate expectations of performance
  • Create a system for observation and review of performance
  • Understand how your style of communication affects your outcomes when providing feedback
  • Utilize feedback instead of compliance to gain buy-in versus compliance

Audience: Positive Start Flex participants, team leaders, supervisors, and managers
Delivery: Individual exercises, small/large group activities, discussion, skills practice, job aids

Performance Management – Documenting and Managing the Process

This County-specific course focuses on the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to effectively write and facilitate a performance appraisal review. The first session addresses the documentation component of performance management and how to write an evaluation. The second session centers around best practices for a review including the informal “pre-meeting,” the County process for conducting a review, and the follow up actions necessary for success. One hour of on-the-job application will be required between class meetings.

Competency: Results Focus
Course Length: 7 hrs. (Two 3 hr. classroom sessions and 1hr. of on-the-job application)
Learning Objectives:

  • Create performance review preparation files that collect and sort data yearlong
  • Develop performance goals and professional development objectives that support employee career growth
  • Utilize County guidelines for writing reviews and managing review discussions

Audience: Anyone responsible for performance reviews
Delivery: Discussion, activities


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