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Housing Inventory & Estimated Need as of January 2012:

Continuum Phase /Subpopulation

 Housing Inventory

 Unmet Need

Emergency - Households without Children

 542 beds

 50 beds

Emergency - Households with Childrenren

 250 beds

 10 units/ 50 beds

Transitional - Households without Children

 995 beds

 215 beds

Transitional - Households with Children

 397 beds

 25 units/ 100 beds*

Safe Haven for persons with mental illness

 35 beds

 45 beds

Permanent Supportive Housing
-Households without Children

 753 beds**

 950 beds**
(618 for Chronically Homeless)

Permanent Supportive Housing
-Households with Children

 892 beds**

 40 units/ 138 beds**

 Total All Beds




Housing Inventory & Estimated Need as of January 2012 chart


  • Broward County:  $9,812,080
  • HUD Homeless CoC:  $9,728,800
  • State Challenge Grant:  $66,667 

 *The economic downturn and increased foreclosure rates have resulted in higher demand for emergency
assistance, emergency shelter, transitional and permanent housing beds for large (4+) families.

**PSH beds targeted only to households with at least one person who has a disabling condition. Need
numbers for affordable housing capacity is greater. Chronically Homeless PSH Beds need is estimated at
618 beds.

*** These figures are not available as the 2013 HUD Housing Inventory Chart and Point in Time Count are in
progress and totals are not final.


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